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The Oklahoma Car Accident Lawyers You Can Trust

We fight for accident victims’ rights in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and statewide

Car accidents in Oklahoma wreak havoc on people's lives. In an instant, a serious crash can turn your life upside-down. A bad wreck could leave you seriously injured and unable to work or move normally for weeks, months, or even the rest of your life. You could even lose a loved one and be left to grieve and rebuild.

Get a car accident lawyer who will treat your case with the gravity it deserves from the start. Contact Lawter & Associates, PLLC, the trusted personal injury law firm with a track record of success. Call, email, or chat online with a member of our team to schedule a free legal review. We are ready to hear from you right now.

Experience matters here

No matter what kind of wreck you were in —

  • A hit and run with a drunk driver in Tulsa’s East Village
  • Rear-end crash with a semi-truck on Turner Turnpike (I-44) in Sapulpa
  • Head-on collision with an Uber on Northwest 10th Street in Midtown OKC
  • A rollover on the state’s most dangerous highway, Route 9

— no case is too complex for us. Our firm has more than 40 years of experience going the extra mile to get our clients the maximum compensation for their injuries and other losses.

Our knowledgeable lawyers understand state rules and regulations and how they apply to your car accident. We take an aggressive strategy toward getting you everything you need to make a full recovery after a bad crash.

Oklahoma Car Wreck Attorney Testimonial - Lorne

"After my auto accident, I worked with the insurance company for a year..."

What types of car accidents do we handle?

We are a leading law firm that isn’t afraid to take on the tough cases. Our lawyers have the sharp legal skills that you can only get through decades of winning substantial settlements and verdicts. With offices in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, our car accident attorneys reach every corner of the state to fight for those who have been injured by someone else’s negligence.

We represent people in all types of collisions caused by a variety of factors. Some of the cases we most frequently handle involve recklessness, inattention to the road, or errors in judgement.

The type of accident you were in, and the at-fault driver who hit you, will influence how your claim is pursued.

Common types of negligent drivers

Most car accidents are due to the reckless actions of others. People who take unnecessary risks when they get behind the wheel include:

Drunk drivers — Anyone driving with a BAC (blood alcohol content) level of 0.08 or higher is considered legally too drunk to drive. A driver doesn’t have to reach that state of intoxication to be dangerous, though. Buzzed driving can kill, too. When people get behind the wheel after too many drinks, they put everyone at risk. Our law firm gets justice for drunk-driving victims and the community at-large.

Drowsy drivers (asleep-at-the-wheel crashes) — Operating a vehicle while feeling tired, exhausted, or otherwise sleepy is an increasing danger on the roadway. People disoriented by lack of rest cause about 100,000 accidents nationwide per year.

Drugged drivers — More and more police are busting people for driving high. Whether a person is impaired by marijuana, fentanyl, crystal meth, heroin, cocaine, prescription drugs, they are responsible for the damage they cause in a crash.

Distracted drivers — A lot of people realize it is illegal to drive while intoxicated, but fewer know that Oklahoma banned texting while driving in 2015. The state also makes it illegal for commercial and public transit drivers to make hand-held phone calls while operating a vehicle. People who drive while their attention is split between the road and texting, eating, drinking, talking, looking for items in the cab, or other tasks, are increasingly causing serious damage to others. Every year there are thousands of distracted driving crashes in the state with a couple hundred ending in serious injuries or death.

“Phantoms” and hit and runs — A phantom driver is a car, truck, motorcycle, or other vehicle operator that causes damage and takes off – whether a hit-and-run or someone who forces another vehicle to swerve or veer off the road. The law says that you must report a crash causing significant property damage or bodily injury. You are also not allowed to leave the scene of an accident where there are injuries until the police arrive. An exception to this rule is if you need to leave to get emergency medical attention.

Underinsured or uninsured motorists — Oklahoma requires drivers to purchase $25,000 worth of insurance to cover bodily injuries ($50,000 per accident) and $25,000 for property damage. With the cost of overnight hospital stays at places like Oklahoma City’s OU Health or Mercy Hospital averaging a few thousand dollars, the minimum insurance often isn’t enough.

Then there are some people who drive without any insurance at all. When this happens, you may have to file a claim with your own insurance provider to access compensation through your UIM policy. This insurance usually covers you in cases of hit-and-runs, as well. If the at-fault driver is never identified, you can file a claim for an uninsured motorist accident.

Driver error

Not every car accident is caused by someone acting as negligently as an intoxicated driver. A lot of the time, wrecks are due to simple operator error. People who cause injuries and destruction due to a mistake are just as responsible for the outcome as people who drive high.

Maybe the other driver

  • Didn’t see your car in the intersection of OKC’s Northwest Expressway at North Rockwell Avenue
  • Or a motorcyclist incorrectly thought he could merge into your lane on Tulsa’s Mingo Valley Expressway
  • Or perhaps they were driving too fast for road conditions (speeding) and T-boned your vehicle by one of Owasso’s many lakes or parks

Get the compensation you deserve

When other people are at-fault, they are often required to pay for their victims’ damages, including:

  • Past, present, and future accident-related medical expenses
  • Car repairs
  • Lost wages
  • Diminished earning potential
  • Increased anxiety and depression
  • Disability equipment
  • Physical therapy

Insurance providers should make good on their policies and give you the substantial payout you deserve. They should do this, but they usually don’t.

By making nothing but low-ball offers, insurance companies practically force people to hire lawyers. Our attorneys are experienced in high-stakes negotiations. When the insurance companies say no, we take on the adjusters and their lawyers for you. We push back until we break through.

The insurance industry makes billions of dollars in profits every year by short-changing victims. We make insurance companies keep the promises their policies make.

Why should I hire a lawyer to handle my car accident?

If you have been in a collision, you will almost certainly benefit by talking to a lawyer. Studies show that people who hire lawyers get significantly larger payouts than people who attempt to take on the insurance companies solo.

To put it another way: Insurance adjusters — even the ones you pay — don’t care if you ever recover from what happened. You may be a longtime policyholder with full coverage, but that doesn’t matter to an adjuster. They will almost certainly do everything in their power to lowball your medical treatment and car repairs. That is, if they don’t flat out reject your claim first.

An experienced car accident lawyer knows how the insurance companies function. Our firm has been dealing with insurance adjusters and agents in Tulsa and Oklahoma City counties for decades. We know their tricks and how to avoid them.

Insurance companies want you to think that when they make you a first settlement offer, it’s the end of your claim. In reality, things are just getting started.

Our lawyers does not accept too-low settlements for our clients. We are aggressive in going after every penny the insurance company, at-fault drivers, and third parties owe you.

What makes our firm stand out?

Our law firm has been a mainstay of the legal profession since the 1980s. This is because we support our clients’ compensation demands with bullet-proof evidence turned up during our investigations. We never rely on police reports and easily accessible video surveillance alone to win your case. We dig deep to find proof for your claim that other attorneys might miss.

When you are represented by our firm, you can expect to be treated with integrity and personalized attention. No two claims are the same, just like no two clients are the same. We take an individualized approach to every case we handle.

Our attorneys are honest and will give you accurate updates throughout the claims or court process. We have too much respect for accident victims to sugarcoat situations. If there’s a curveball thrown into your case, we will explain what happened in plain English and detail which strategies we will use to move forward.

When our firm is fighting for you, you get an attorney that can’t be intimidated and won’t back down.

Aggressive representation. Substantial results.

Contact us. Call (866) 584-1027 for our Oklahoma City office or (866) 584-1028 for our Tulsa office and schedule a free case evaluation. Our car accident lawyers represent injured people on contingency. This means that the insurance companies pay our fee, not you. Our compensation is calculated into your final settlement or verdict. We only get paid when we win.

"My son and I were involved in a horrific car accident. Lawter & Associates took care of everything for us. Everyone who worked on our case was kind, compassionate, understanding and wanted justice for my son and I. I highly recommend them. They always keep in touch and are straight forward. If you're trying to decide on someone to represent you please call Lawter & Associates. You will be taken care of."  – Melissa F.

Frequently asked questions about car accidents in Oklahoma:

What should I do if I'm involved in a car accident?

After a car crash, if you are physically able and it is safe to do so, start establishing your claim right away. We strongly urge you to take the following steps to protect your health and your rights.

Call 911

Contact the police and ask them to respond. You will need them to create an accident report to file with your claim. Do not go into detail or accept blame. Anything you say to the police, or anyone else for that matter, can be discovered during an insurance adjuster’s investigation and used to reduce or reject your claim.

Get emergency medical aid

Get examined by an emergency medical responder even if you feel okay. After a bad crash your adrenaline is pumping, and you may still be in shock or traumatized by the incident. You may not be able to fully feel the effects of the crash yet. A medical professional, like an EMT, knows what types of injuries to check for in a wreck. They can identify serious injuries that may otherwise go unnoticed like a concussion, excessive swelling, torn joints, or signs of whiplash and back pain.

Get the facts

Make a record of the people involved in the crash: drivers, victims, witnesses, etc. You want to get people’s names, city, contact information (preferably a phone number), driver’s license number, and insurance information.

Make a timeline

While your memories of the crash are fresh, write down the events leading up to the collision. Include details like time, date, location, model and make of the vehicles involved, damage to your or other people’s property, bodily injuries to you and others, weather conditions, traffic signs and signals, skid or tire marks, etc.

Take video and photos

Take photos and video of what happened. Be sure to get shots of the damage, injuries, and overall accident scene from multiple distances and angles.

See a doctor

Even if you are checked out at the accident site, see a doctor as soon as possible. Doctors have more time, training, and equipment to give you a thorough examination. You could have a life-threatening internal injury that might not be apparent.

Call your insurance company

You should inform your car insurance provider about the accident as soon as you are able. Most policies require clients to report a crash within a certain number of days if they want to file a claim. Be courteous, provide the facts, but do not go into detail. Insurance agents are looking for any reason to dismiss or reduce your compensation demand. Don’t give them one. Then, call us.

Contact us

Our firm has more than 40 years of experience winning the maximum compensation for our clients in Oklahoma, Tulsa, Cleveland, Canadian, Comanche, Rogers, Payne, Wagoner, Pottawatomie, Creek, Muskogee, Garfield, Grady, as well as Washington counties and across the state. Our firm offers free case consultations. You have nothing to lose. Call, email, or chat online with us to learn more about what we can do for you.

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What are common causes of car accidents?

Some of the most common causes include:

  • Speeding drivers - Many people drive above the speed limit. When they do, they have less time to react to other drivers around them and may cause high-speed car accidents.
  • Drunk drivers - The hazards of drinking and driving have been well-known for decades. Even so, some drivers put everyone on the road at risk by drinking and driving. Hold drunk drivers accountable. Contact us.
  • Distracted drivers - Distracted driving has become one of the leading causes of car accidents in the state. There's no excuse for drivers who don't pay attention and cause a serious collision.
  • Texting drivers - Texting while driving is against the law. You can also take legal action against a texting driver for your car crash.
  • Tired drivers - Drivers who fall asleep at the wheel put everyone in danger. If a fatigued driver caused your car accident, contact us. We can help you take legal action.

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Who investigates Oklahoma car accidents?

Police officers are often the first people who investigate. Then insurance company investigators often get involved in determining who was at fault. Deciding who caused an accident can be very complicated. Most cases are rarely clear cut, even if one driver clearly negligent. That's why it's important you have an experienced attorney on your side to investigate and also protect your rights. We don't work for the police department or insurance companies. We work exclusively for you.

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What is negligence in terms of car accidents?

Negligence is the failure to use reasonable care, or the failure to use the same degree of care that a reasonably prudent person would use under the same circumstances. Evidence of negligence is the basis for liability in most personal injury cases, including car accidents. Our attorneys can assess evidence of negligence in your case.

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What if the driver who caused my car accident does not have insurance?

Auto insurance is required by law. Although the other party may not have liability insurance, other insurance may still be available. If you have purchased uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage (UIM), a recovery may be available for any injury you have received. In addition, potential causes of action against parties not initially known may be available. For example, you may have a case against an individual's employer if he or she was working at the time of the collision. Contact us and allow our attorneys to review your case and determine what compensation we can recover for you.

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Should I contact my insurance company after my car accident?

Yes. However, keep your comments to a minimum. Simply state you were in a car accident and do not answer any other questions. Dealing with insurance companies after a car accident can be very complicated. That's because most insurance companies only care about one thing: paying injury victims as little as possible. Protect your rights. Contact us.

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Should I answer questions if another insurance company contacts me?

No. Do not answer any questions insurance companies ask you after your accident. Anything you say could be used against you by an insurance company. Insurance companies are often focused on one thing - paying injury victims as little as possible. That's why it's important to be cautious about what you say to insurance companies. We strongly advise accident victims to simply tell insurance companies you have hired a lawyer and direct them to contact your attorney.

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Should I accept a financial offer from an insurance company?

No. Insurance companies often make low-ball offers to victims soon after an accident. Insurance companies do this because they know accident victims want to resolve their claim as soon as possible. The problem is people often don't know the true cost of their accident for some time. Don't be misled. Protect your rights. Contact us right now. We can help.

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Can I negotiate for more money after my car accident?

Yes. Many people don't realize they have the right to ask for more money after an accident. If you feel an insurance company has not made a reasonable offer, contact us. Insurance companies don't intimidate us. We know how to negotiate with them, and we have the case results to prove it.

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Why should I hire a lawyer from your firm?

We have a strong track record of success, and we have the case results to prove it. Whether you've been injured on I-40 in Oklahoma City, I-44 in Tulsa or anyplace else in the state, we can help.

Our experienced Oklahoma car accident attorneys thoroughly investigate every case and aggressively search for facts that some law firms overlook. We're prepared to do whatever it takes, within ethical and legal bounds, to win your case, including:

  • Reviewing accident reports
  • Consulting with experts
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Negotiating directly with insurance companies
  • Filing a lawsuit on your behalf, if necessary
  • Taking other legal action if necessary

We will not rest until justice is served. Contact us. Call (866) 584-1027 for our Oklahoma City office or (866) 584-1028 for our Tulsa office and schedule an appointment today. This may be your only opportunity to obtain financial compensation for your car accident.

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