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Car Accident? We'll Handle The Insurance

Our law firm knows how to negotiate with insurance companies

After a car accident, you may be face to face with a challenging reality: While the crash itself was over in an instant, the insurance battle can take months or years to resolve. Your insurance company may claim to be on your side, but their top priority is still their bottom line. And if you're dealing with an insurance company representing another driver, remember that their priority is to reduce their liability, not to fairly compensate you for your injuries.

The Oklahoma car accident lawyers at Lawter & Associates, PLLC, we have extensive experience dealing with insurance companies on behalf of clients statewide. Here's what you need to know:

  • You can negotiate for more money. Many people injured in car accidents assume that they just have to take whatever amount the insurance company offers, and the insurance companies like it that way. The truth is that the initial offer from an insurance company is rarely enough to pay for the full cost of the accident - and it may be much less than your claim is actually worth. That's why we strongly recommend consulting an experienced car accident attorney before you accept the insurance company's money. If you've received a settlement offer, we can review it with you during your free consultation.
  • Recorded statements can be used against you. The insurance company may say they just want a statement in order to process your claim, but don't be fooled. If an insurance company asks you to provide a statement, we strongly recommend that you come to our office and work with our attorneys to create a written statement that accurately reflects your side of the story - and protects your legal rights.
  • You don't have to answer their questions. After an accident, your only obligation is to notify your insurance company in a timely manner. Keep your statements brief and stick to the facts of what happened. You don't have to answer any further questions, and you certainly don't need to talk to an insurance company representing another driver. We recommend that you politely decline to answer their questions and direct them to speak with your attorney.
  • There's usually only one chance to get compensation. Once you've accepted the insurance company's offer to settle your claim, that's it. In most cases, you can't go back and ask for more money later, even if you discover a hidden injury or other significant loss due to the accident. That's why it's so important to wait until you have completed your medical treatment and the full cost of the accident is clear before you even consider accepting an insurance company's money, and that's why, again, it's best to consult an experienced attorney.
  • They have legal representation, and so should you. An insurance company may tell you that you can handle your claim alone, that there's no need to hire a lawyer. We guarantee that they'll pick up the phone and call their lawyers as soon as they're done talking to you. The reality is that if you face the insurance company alone, it's not a fair fight - they've handled thousands of claims, with teams of attorneys and adjusters on their side, and you can't match that experience alone. You need an experienced attorney from our firm fighting on your side to protect your rights.

Don't try to handle your claim alone. Get decades of experience on your side. Contact us online to schedule your free consultation and find out how we can help you stand up to the insurance company. Remember, there's no fee unless we win your case.

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