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Have You Been Injured In a Head-On Collision?

Our Oklahoma head-on collision attorneys are ready to fight for you

Head-on collisions are thankfully quite rare, especially on roadways separated by median strips and barriers. But when they do happen, they often result in some of the most devastating and life-threatening injuries. This is due to the high impact of two vehicles colliding head-on in opposite directions. For example: two vehicles crashing into each other at 50 miles per hour have roughly the same impact as a vehicle crashing into a stationary object at 100 miles per hour.

At Lawter & Associates, PLLC, we understand the pain and suffering a head-on collision can cause crash victims and their families. We can investigate your crash and use crucial details to help you build a strong claim so you can focus on your recovery. With over 40 years of experience helping injured motorists obtain the right compensation and medical care, our car accident lawyers are ready to fight for you. Don't wait to contact us to learn more about all your legal options.

Anatomy of a head-on collision

Head-on collisions happen for several reasons. They tend to occur on windy, curvy roads with nothing more than a yellow painted strip separating both lanes. They can also happen at intersections when vehicles making a left turn collide head-on with oncoming traffic. In extremely rare cases, drivers may travel the wrong way on an interstate or crash through the median barrier. But the common causes of head-on collisions include:

  • Distracted driving
  • Drowsy driving
  • Drunk and drugged driving
  • Speeding around curves
  • Reckless driving such as negligent passing on a one-lane road
  • Brake failure and other mechanical defects
  • Poor visibility caused by heavy rain or fog
  • Slippery road conditions from rain, snow and ice

Injuries sustained in a head-on collision can greatly impact a crash victim's life. Even a common injury such as whiplash can take a toll on someone’s life. It can take months to recover from head-on collision injuries, resulting in time spent out of work and lengthy physical therapy. Some injuries can cause life-long complications that can rob a crash victim of the ability to engage in everyday activities. They usually include, but are not limited to:

  • Spinal injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Severed limbs
  • Organ damage
  • Cuts, bruises and contusions
  • Lacerations
  • Paralysis
  • Death

We know the stakes in head-on collision cases

Because of the combined force of two vehicles, head-on collision injuries are often severe, including traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, loss of limbs, broken bones, and so on. Even seemingly minor injuries like whiplash from a head-on collision can be a warning sign of a more severe underlying injury. Unfortunately, far too many head-on crashes cause fatal injuries.

That’s why you should be able to claim all the compensation you need for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and other costs under Oklahoma law. But dealing with the insurance company isn’t easy. You need an experienced Oklahoma City head-on collision attorney who is prepared to take a hard line in settlement negotiations and file a lawsuit if necessary.

We can help you on your road to recovery

Following a head-on collision, you may be out of work for months, or possibly unable to work ever again. Medical treatment and recovery can be lengthy and expensive. As the medical bills pile up and you're unable to engage in normal activities, the burden can wreak havoc on your life. You would think that the other driver's insurance company would pick up the cost of your recovery. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. Insurance companies only care about protecting their bottom line, not making sure you're compensated for your medical bills, lost wages and other costs. If you suffered an injury such as whiplash from a head-on collision, you deserve to be fairly compensated for your pain and suffering.

Furthermore, proving fault in a head-on collision can be challenging. In some cases, the evidence is cut and dry. But sometimes, the actions of both drivers can contribute to a head-on collision. Since Oklahoma is an at-fault state, this can create complications and delays in your claim. In fact, if you are found to be slightly at fault, you could be held liable for the percentage you contributed to the crash. That's why you should always consult with an experienced head-on collision attorney who understands the lawsuit process. Lawter & Associates can help move your claim forward, clear up any confusion and fight to maximize your settlement.

Don't worry about the cost of our legal services. You only pay if we win your case. That's because we work on a contingency fee basis with no hidden costs or gimmicks. Contact us today to schedule a free confidential case evaluation.

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