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Testimonials from Clients Helped By Oklahoma Law Firm Lawter & Associates

We serve injury victims statewide with offices in Tulsa and Oklahoma City

Recommendations from actual clients matter. We're proud of our recommendations and take them very seriously. That's because each testimonial shows how much of a difference we have made in people's lives in Oklahoma.

Our law firm has been doing this work for more than 40 years in Oklahoma. As a result, we understand how the legal system works. And we know how to effectively help people every step of the way during the legal process.

Helping people resolve complicated legal issues drives everyone at Lawter & Associates, PLLC, to work hard every day. So whether you've been injured in a car accident or need help with your workers' compensation case, you can rely on us to make things right.

Oklahoma accident victims don't want excuses. They want results. Contact us.

Many law firms talk about what they can do for clients. We believe actions speak louder than words. In case after case, we consistently help people successfully resolve their legal problems. Accident victims don't want excuses. They want results.

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"My family was blessed to find Lawter."

Your recovery can be complicated. Choosing the right lawyer in Oklahoma should not be. Contact us today. Call (866) 584-1027 for our Oklahoma City office or (866) 584-1028 for our Tulsa office and schedule a free case evaluation.

Testimonials from satisfied clients of Lawter & Associates, PLLC

"I appreciate the work you put forth to get my case settled in a timely manner. It took a lot of stress off of me during a very stressful time. Doug, Savannah & Sandy treated me like family. I am forever grateful. Thank you."
- Kristina
Tulsa, OK

"Since this was my first time using a law firm for anything I never knew how much work goes into something as simple as a car accident. It took about 8 months to get it done which felt like forever, but I'm thankful for the result I got. I think it was a great decision going with Lawter and Associates. I'll definitely keep the contact info."
- Alex
Lawton, OK

"Your firm was quick to answer any questions I had. "
- Wanda
Guthrie, OK

"Samantha did awesome!"
- Kraig
Anadarko, OK

"Outstanding job. Thank you, Mary, Tim and the whole crew. Will be traveling through in the near future and looking forward to seeing ya'll. It's a good day."
- William
Charleston, SC

"Thanks for the great work!"
- Jesse
Waskom, TX

"Lawter Law is the Best in OKC and in Oklahoma as far as I’m concerned."
- Jim
Davis, OK

"Mary Failing was a great associate and represented me on my case and always answered all of my questions and phone calls. And the rest of the staff was very helpful too. If I ever need an attorney I will call you."
- Ladonna
Haskell, OK

"I have no complaints whatsoever. You helped me get to the end of a bad experience. Once I hired you, I didn’t have to do anything except talk on the phone a few times. Thanks!"
- John
Tulsa, OK

"Thank you. I appreciate you all."
- Mark
Broken Arrow, OK

"Ya'll made this process so easy and quick. I'm happy that I chose ya'll for this job! Thank you for all the help!"
- Keaira
Blanchard, OK

"I had pretty good service. It did feel hard at time to get a hold of someone but after I met Mary she took great care of me! My attorney was also very relatable and funny!"
- Riley
Moore, OK

"I just want to say thank you for helping me settle my case as fast as you did. And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year."
- Stacy
Chickasha, OK

"Samantha Wolff did an amazing job at answering any questions we had. She always made sure that I understood what was going on and always broke it down to where I could better understand it. My family and I are beyond grateful for her and the rest of your team."
- Taylor
Rush Springs, OK

"Thank you so much for helping my family with this. Y'all was the best team that I could have on our side. We couldn't do it without y'all. Again, thank you so much."
- Ruby

"I appreciate all the time and effort you all put in for me. I was very nervous throughout the beginning, but you all helped me understand what I was dealing with. Thank you so much for helping me!"
- Cheyenne
Grand Rapids, MI

"I am very happy with everyone. Thanks."
- "T"
Nichols Hills, OK

"Matthew Reinstein did an excellent job! Obviously wish that I had never needed him but couldn't imagine a better result with anyone else. Would highly recommend."
- Jeffrey

"I want to thank your law firm for handling my case. I was directed to a medical staff to handle my medical needs. I was so appreciative to have a medical staff under one roof. Madison handled my case and kept me informed during the whole process. She really cares for the client and she is definitely an asset to your law firm. I would recommend this law firm to anyone who would benefit from your services. Thank you,"
- Euretha
Claremore, OK

"I would like to thank you all who helped with my claim. You have a large knowledge base, with fast, friendly return calls, explanations, positive feedback & advice helping me through every step in this process. Thanks again. "
- Rochelle
Norman, OK

"Thank you so much for your help. Everyone that we came in contact with was very friendly and helpful."
- James
Moore, OK

"Great law firm, handled my claim in a quickly timely manner, everyone I spoke with was very professional and returned all my calls and messages the same day. Would definitely use again if needed and would recommend."
- Edward
Lawton, OK

"Thank you."
- Gabriel
Mooreland, OK

"Thank you for helping me through a very traumatic experience! I could never have gotten through this without your help. Madison has been a blessing. She was very patient with me , answering my questions, returning phone calls and simply staying in touch so I knew I wasn't forgotten."
- JoAnn
Panama, OK

"I greatly appreciate what this law firm has done for me. Mike Lawter is my lawyer if I ever need lawyers. Thanks again for everything."
- Lucy
Midwest City, OK

"Amazing representation from start to finish! Jason put me at ease at the mediation and explained what to expect. His confidence gave me so much hope. He carefully chose the mediate who was awesome too. I work for the OCPD and plan to recommend your services to those who need it. Thank you for the great settlement!"
- Helen
Jones, OK

"I just wanted to say thank you for getting this handled so quickly."
- Vivian
Waurika, OK

"Great service and communication. Thank you for the help."
- Dustin
Washington, DC

"Mary, Renee, Samantha and others were all pleasant and communicative. They got my mileage paid and kept me informed on the details of my case. Very happy with the outcome. I would have no idea how to deal with this without Lawter. Thanks."
- Payton
Evergreen, CO

"Thank you and all the associates for the smooth process. When we hear about people not going after workers' comp companies, this example of the case shows great results. Thank you."
- Josh
Weatherford, OK

"Tim was great through the entire process. Thanks for everything!"
- Austin

"I would like to thank the team that helped me and my wife get exactly the help and more we needed, for not only fixing our car but as well getting us extra compensation for the damages, we will definitely use this firm and recommend to any of our friends and family who need the help they deserve. "
- Dylan
, OK

“Thank you guys very much. You guys have been a very big help. If I need you I will be sure to call and if anyone I know I will send them your way.”
- Becky
Midwest City, OK

“Everyone did a very good job, thank you so much. I will send people I know that may need help. I will always use Lawter and Associates when I need you. Thank you!”
- Elwood
Oklahoma City, OK

“I would like to express my gratitude to your group. I thank you for taking my case. I appreciate the way you handle the situation from start to finish. I am grateful and if ever I have need, I will contact you again.”
- Dianna
Lawton, OK

“Many thank yous for the professional and timely work that Sandy, Mathew, Doug and assistants put into my case. Praying that I will not need your help again but if I do, I will contact you first. Thank you again.”
- Mary
Broken Arrow, OK

" Thank you for handling my case and helping solve the problem. Excellent work."
- P.K.
Oklahoma City, OK

"Excellent service!"
- Wesley
Seminole, OK

" Well done, attorneys. Thank you, all very good."
- Charles
Oklahoma City, OK

"I wish I would have reached out to Lawter & Associates sooner. Carmen Reese couldn't have been more helpful. I was overwhelmed by the process and the costs I had incurred due to an auto accident that was not my fault, she (Carmen) eased my anxiety and worked to get a settlement that I would not have been able to facilitate on my own! Thank you."
- Leslie
Chickasha, OK

"Five Star – All of you gave a 110 percent on my behalf – Renee Rhodes was a tremendous help & one thing I appreciated was the office always returned my calls. That's important to a client. Thank you all."
- Tim
Balch Springs, TX

"1st of all thank you. Timothy, Kora, and John were of great help! It really helps knowing you have someone on your side. FYI, I learned the hard way before thinking that insurance companies could be trusted."
- John

"Thank you for all the help you provided during this troubling times. Helped me to be able to get thru this and not worrying about what to do. All it took was an email or a phone call and I was relieved of all of the stress that I was having. Thank you so much."

- Bill
Kingston, OK

"Everything was handled professionally, plenty of courtesy. Very good experience. Thank all of you."

- Ronny

“I would like to thank you. Your care of my car accident helped me a lot. Those times, your kind answers of my questions, feel me really concern my case. And I was comfort from the bad accident. I also thank you that you remind me last birthday. It was the first time I celebrate my birthday here in the United States. I wish you and your company much happiness. Thank you.”

- Bok

"The person who I talked to and dealt with was Mary and Jo Ellen. Mary I knew she worked hard and she tried very hard to get answers to my questions. I know they both worked very hard. Thank you!"

- Teresa
Okemah, OK

"We appreciate all your work, especially Ashley. She was professional, courteous & did not try to include our decisions. She simply & efficiently carried out our wishes."

- Sandra
Lawton, OK

"I appreciate all that you did on my case, everything seemed to go so smooth, It was a pleasure working with Lawter & associates. I would absolutely use you again if ever needed as well as recommend you to family and friends."

- Lamar

"Matthew provided excellent communication throughout the process. He provided our options candidly but was always empathetic to our position."

- Mallory
Tulsa, OK

"You guys handled my claim amazing. Thank you guys so much."

- April
Hulbert, OK

"Everyone involved in my case were wonderful and very helpful. I appreciate all you did for me. I will definitely recommend your firm to anyone that may find themselves in a similar situation I found myself in. Thank you so much."

- Rebecca
Shawnee, OK

"Responsive to every question I'd asked and very helpful in any way possible great services."

- Terrance
Tahlequah, OK

"All seemed very knowledgeable. I was very happy with Sandy she kept me updated and worked very hard for us. I am overall very pleased with the service and outcome of my case from Lawter, Sandy and all involved in my case. Thank you and I will recommend Lawter & Associates to others."

 - Aaron
Eufaula, OK

"I want to thank everyone and I would like to thank Joe A, Mary F, Tim for the hard work they've done. Mr. Lawter you have some awesome people working for you, sir."

 - Gary
Claremore, OK

"I am very satisfied. Especially, Logan Vaugh helps me a lot for understanding how my case goes on. I feel my case takes long time to settle down. But I realized she tried hard to have a better result. I am very thanks Logan."

 - Bok

"You all have been great, thanks."

 - Marie

"Professional and nice."

 - Heidi
Marble City, OK

"When you are hiring a personal injury lawyer you want a firm that has a tremendous amount of experience. The associates at Lawter & Associates have that. Thank y'all."

- Harry
Tulsa, OK

"Thank you for asking for my comments. I was treated with dignity and respect by the 2 ladies who helped me through this process, that would be Ashley and Carmen. Thank you all for taking care of me!!"

- William
Oklahoma City, OK

"Caitlin was awesome! Lots of help and respectful of my time!"

- Jennifer
Chickasha, OK

"So very pleased with the work Carmen Reese did on my case, I would definitely use your office again should I ever need to; as well as recommend your firm to my family and friends, I really appreciate Lawter & Associates. Thank you."

- Lamar
Oklahoma City, OK

"You guys helped me through one of the roughest times of my life and for that I will forever be grateful! Without your help I probably would have had a lot less answers regarding my injury. Jo and Mary were both amazing to work with and always answered my questions to the best of their ability. Thank you!"

- Matthew
Greenwood, AR

"I wanted to say Thank You for your professional support and guidance in resolving my legal issue. Everyone was so helpful to me and I appreciate all of you there at Lawter & Associates!"

- Johana
Oklahoma City, OK

"Your staff have been the most helpful, courteous, pleasant, encouraging & efficient to me. I am so thankful for everything your law firm has done for me in a timely manner. I would recommend you very highly."

- Brenda
Old Hickory, TN

"Thanks for Everything, Anytime I had questions they were answered quickly. I didn't have to worry about bills. I will use you again [if] I need to."

- Randy
Rush Springs, OK

"I and my husband would like to say thank you to Carmen Reese for attending to my case in a professional manner. We thank her for her courtesy, always patient with us in answering questions and keeping myself and my husband updated on the case..."

Tulsa, OK

"Dear Lawter & Associates
We'd like to thank everyone in your law firm who handled my car accident case and specially appreciate Cailtin Hein who was very nice, patience, and worked hard on this case. We'll never thank you guys enough. We'd recommend you guys to others who are injured and needed help. You guys are the best. "

 - Van
Oklahoma City, OK

"Thank you all for your help during these times. You guys have been so helpful even during these uncertain times we are going through. Caitlin & Logan and everyone that has helped me during this process has been so nice and helpful. Thank you again!"

 - Jasmin
Yukon, OK

"I would like to thank Caitlin Hein and any other associates that handled my case. I would definitely recommend the firm to friends and family. I am very satisfied with the results of my case and settlement.  Thank you.”

 - Alan
Chandler, OK

"Thank you for handling my case. I got more then I thought I was going to get. Paid loan off. I'm happy yes I would tell people about you. You all did right. I appreciate it."

 - Betty
Oklahoma City, OK

"I want to thank Ms. Caitlin Hein for handling my claim and assisting me in this lengthy process. With her help it is finally completed! I will keep your office in mind should another need arise in the future."

 - Hannelore
Jones, OK

“Jason was very helpful & professional. Jessica also was very helpful. All of the staff that I worked with were very informative and kept me up to date with information. Even after the electric was restored to the OKC office I received an immediate update. Thank you all for your help! God Bless! More attorneys should strive to have customer service like your company.”

- Shermaine
Broken Arrow, OK

“Excellent service! Megan was great! Thank you for taking the burden of the fight off of me.”

- Adam
Broken Arrow, OK

“I worked with Carmen Reese on both my 9/5/19 & 9/11/19 auto wrecks. She did a really good job getting more money in my pocket, especially on the 9/11/19 wreck. She was great to work with and if the need ever arises again, I'm very willing to work with her again. Outstanding!”

- Amy
Oklahoma City, OK

“I was well pleased with the work your law office done. Thank you.”

- Cora
Stigler, OK

“Everyone at Lawter & Associates was extremely helpful and accommodating during our tough time. I would recommend Lawter & Associates to anyone in need of legal advice as I was.”

- James
Tulsa, OK

“Every person I dealt with was courteous and informative. I would recommend your firm to friends and family.”

- Keith
Oklahoma City, OK

"Your staff handled my case very professionally. Thank you so much! God bless you."

- Rosalind
Edmond, OK

"Thank you to Caitlin Hein for taking care of my case for me. She was very diligent with all my needs and made this process extremely easy. I will definitely recommend Lawter & Associates and appreciate everything. I will never battle another car insurance company on my own again."

- Heather
Oklahoma City, OK

"Carmen Reese handled my case with professionalism. She kept in contact with me throughout the process."

- Amy
Oklahoma City, OK

"I would just like to thank Caitlin Hein, she was very helpful to me, she answered all of my questions and she is very outgoing and friendly."

- Debbie
Oklahoma City, OK

"Very pleased with outcome and service provided.  Everyone was professional, courteous and met our needs. Interacted with Sandy the most - she did an excellent job from beginning to end; she's an asset to your firm!"

- Karen
Sapulpa, OK

“I'm very pleased with Lawter & Associates. Not only did y'all win my case but you all stayed with me until the final process even though I felt like y'all went beyond your duties. Thank you.”

 - Leo
Oklahoma City, OK

“Sandy was so helpful. She always took time to explain where the case was at and the next steps. Very knowledgeable and genuinely helpful.”

 - Darrel
Poteau, OK

“I think your firm did a good job in a short time as I seem to have recovered from accident.  I was afraid I might have more damage for a long time.  If I receive some settlement for my job and pain that's good.”

 - Dwain
Sperry, OK

“Sandy was amazing. So polite and always informative.  Great customer service.”

 - Shanan
Broken Arrow, OK

“Thank you to everyone who worked on my case! Whenever I had a question you always had an answer. You always showed me kindness and respect. Best wishes to you all.”

 - Kimberly
El Paso, TX

“It was a pleasure working with the Associate's. Tim had an excellent correspondence with me as well.  Ms. Failing, she communicated to me as often as she had to. If I need any other business L&A will be the one I got to First.”

 - Cheryl
Tulsa, OK

“Caitlin you did a great job for me. Thank you! Lawter & Assoc. Keep up the good work! Thank you!”

 - Irene
Oklahoma City, OK

“I thank you all very very much for all you have done for me.  I'm pleased with the out come I hope yall have a Blessed & Wonderful year to come.  Thank you. Stay Safe & well.”

 - Charles
Oklahoma City, OK

"The people at Lawter & Assoc. were the best.  They was able to answer all the questions I had.  Very professional office.  Thank you!"

- Patsy
Owasso, OK

"I'll like to thank all the lawyers, Jo Allen, and Mary for All they done For Me.  They were very Professional in Every Aspect.  I appreciate all the hard work they put in for Me.  This is a very Good law Firm.  I would recommend to people.  Thanks."

- Henrnandez
Tulsa, OK

"I just want to say that Sandy Bartlett was an absolute pleasure to work with.  I feel confident that she was able to acquire the best deal for us.  She was as diligent as possible.  I will definitely return should the need arises."

- Marilee
Moore, OK

"I would like to thank you for handling my case for the second time.  You are a great attorney and would refer anyone to you that I see or hear needs an attorney because they had an accident.  I give you and your associate a 5 Star and I will call on you anytime in need assistance."

- Linda
Gainesville, TX

"I just wanted to say thank you to each and every one of you. You guys all Rock! Thank you."

 - Andrew

"I'd like to thank everyone at Lawter & Associates for making this process as easy as possible. I felt overwhelmed dealing with the insurance company. As soon as I turned the case over to Reece & Caitlin I was very much at ease. These ladies kept me informed through the entire process and fought for my medical bills and pain & suffering. I appreciate them both!"

 - Ashley
Oklahoma City, OK

"Mr Lawter, Thank you and your staff for your support and guidance through this long and frustrating endeavor. Ms. Rachel kept me informed and she would return my calls when needed. Ms. Mary was very knowledgeable and gave me the necessary information to make the best decision concerning my claim."

 - Paul
Lawton, OK

"Your firm handled our case(s) in an excellent manner! As I am very short on time, due to my job, you made this process extremely easy! Your hard work is greatly appreciated! I will be recommending your firm to anyone who may require your legal expertise!"

- Jaymee
Huntsville, AR

"I sincerely appreciate both girls I worked with (they always) returned my calls after I left messages in which I appreciate. Very nice staff you have and customer service goes a long way. I will refer your firm to anyone who may be of need."

- Vicki
Norman, OK

"Communication is key to any transaction. Whitney and Carmen were top notch on communication and answering the numerous questions we had during this 22 month process!"

- William
Wellston, OK

“I would like to thank you for representing me. I truly would recommend your firm to anyone whom may need a lawyer. You handled my claim very well and professional and timely. Thank you!”

Midwest City, OK

“I was always treated with respect. Thank you for everything you did.”

Waukomis, OK

“Jo was great.”

Coweta, OK

“Thank you and your firm for handling my case professionally. It was a good choice I made in selecting your representation.”

Lawton, OK

“I just want to say thank you everybody on your team. You all did a great job on the case and if it ever happens again, I will always keep your firm in mind. Again, great teamwork to the whole staff.”

Los Angeles, Ca

“Thank you for getting it done. I no longer have to worry about the bills.”

Norman, OK

“Sandy is awesome! Great teamwork"

- Donna
Midwest City, OK

“I would like to thank everyone that helped on my case. Greatly appreciated! I would recommend your law office to anyone."

- Ruben
Agra, OK

“This was my first time to need a lawyer. I didn't want to have to go this route, but was pressured from the defendant's insurance representative, and with increased medical and therapy bills, I needed help. Thank you!“

- Kari
San Antonio, TX

“Thank you for concluding my lawsuit with a fair and equitable resolution, which was greatly appreciated. My hats off to Sandy Bartlett, who showed her vast knowledge of the medical laws. She always assisted me with courtesy and respect. Sandy had, or would find, the answer for any question presented. She certainly is an asset to your company. Again, thanks!”

- Gertrude
Oklahoma City, OK

“I am pleased with your firm.”

- Jennifer
Oklahoma City, OK

“I was so lucky and very pleased to have you as my lawyer. Deep in my heart I thank you all for everything your firm has done for me. I cannot get what I deserved without your expertise. Bravo Zulu to your whole law firm for a job well done and I highly recommend your service to all my friends and co-workers. God bless and have a pleasant day.”

Midwest City, OK

“Hello Mike. Thank you for this opportunity. I just love Sandy. She is very well informed about everything. Everything I had a question about, she was able to answer. She made me feel like I was family, always friendly and easy to talk with. I will recommend the firm to anyone who needs your help!”

- Sarah
Tulsa, OK

“I was aware Dave had pursued legal action against the young man’s insurance after his accident. When Sandy first contacted me, I was totally blown away by not only her professionalism, but also her willingness to help my family and estate. Your firm has been an incredible gift to my family.”

- Sylvie
Grove, OK

"I deeply appreciate your taking care of my bills for me. I've told everybody that you handled it well. Whitney was great to work with, and others also."

- Ellen
Oklahoma City, OK

"The service was great. I was always able to get hold of them to discuss the case, if not immediately, calls were returned promptly."

- Calvin
Porum, OK

"We are very thankful for you. Your law firm did a great job. They were very patient with us, we had never done anything like this before. You have a wonderful crew there, you should be proud."

- Robert
Chandler, OK

"From first signature to last and every phone call and email in between, Whitney was an anchor in this storm of injury, bills, and collection calls. Friendly, sincere, and always calming, I am so thankful for having her and the Lawter team on my case."

- Kandi
Wellston, OK

"Lawter & Associates handled my case with care and knowledge. Very much appreciated and I will recommend other clients in the future. Thank you!"

- Felicia
Glenpool, OK

"I want to thank you for all your office has done. I was five years trying to get my SSI and when I did call Lawter & Associates, within a few months, my case was done. Thank you Jason."

- Michael
Tulsa, OK

"Thank you for everything."

- Linda
Oklahoma City, OK

"I appreciate all that everyone that participated in my case did. God bless everyone and thank you."

- Jose
Boise City, OK

"Jason, thank you for your help. My life is a little less stressful. Even if all you did was some editing, it helped ease my life. Thank you so much."

- Sarah
Oklahoma City, OK

"The experience was great. Kim, Tanner, Molly, Janet and Mike were all very helpful and did their best to make sure I was taken care of and that the issue was handled in a timely manner. I really appreciate all that was done for me in this case. Thank you all very much!

- Jonah
Thomas, OK

"I am so incredibly thankful for the help I received from Lawter & Associates. Everyone I spoke to from the receptionist to the legal assistants that worked my case were friendly, courteous and consummate professionals! Heather and Whitney were amazing. You saved me time, money and stress. Again, many thanks!"

­- Louis
Oklahoma City, OK

"I left everything in your care and almost a year later my case was finished. People were courteous. Recently I insisted another friend use you."

- Janet
Tulsa, OK

"This was the second time I had to use you. The staff is always so helpful and friendly. Teresa was always calling me to keep me up to date; I never had to worry about anything. Great job again."

Lawton, OK

"Hello, and my experience during this situation was very professional and accurate. Straight to the point and if I was to need someone to represent me in the future, I would want your firm to be my law firm. Thank you."

Oklahoma City, OK

"Thank you for handling my case! There is no way I could have done it alone. Your team is awesome and treated me like a person and not like a number."

Tulsa, OK

"I had contacted several attorneys and they all refused to take my case. It was a small claim, but your firm treated it like it was a million dollar settlement. Jason did an outstanding job! He was informative and responsive. I would highly recommend your firm."

Oklahoma City, OK

"Your firm has once again provided the same excellent service as you previously provided my daughter with her other accident. Teresa is so sweet and treats us with her kindness and explanations that make us feel like we are a family. Thank you again for your services." 

Lawton, OK 

"I had a great experience with everyone I talked to or called. Never had any problems. I will recommend you to others." 

Wellston, OK 

"Thank you guys for helping me and being there when I needed you. Keep up the good work!" 

Oklahoma City, OK 

"The entire staff at Lawter and Associates were nice, very professional and above all, friendly. Mr. Reese is the nicest lawyer I have had, and he worked hard to get me what I deserved. I would employ them again, and I do recommend highly." 

Oklahoma City, OK 

"I thank you for everything your employees have done for my car accident cases. I told Teresa Johnson that your company is blessed to have her as an employee. Thank you again and God bless you."

Oklahoma City, OK

"I am very happy for your service. I had never done this and I was nervous every time I had to go do something with this but you all were very nice and guided me through everything. Thank you so much!

Muskogee, OK

"Good job. Thank you for everything."

Tulsa, OK

"Lawter & Associates was very polite and got my case handled in the right time. The people were very friendly and explained what I didn't understand. I would recommend them to my family and friends if they ever needed a lawyer."

Tishomingo, OK

"My experience with Lawter & Associates exceeded my expectations. Carmen Reese was a pleasure to work with. Ms. Reese kept me informed every step of the way and she did not mind if I called her just to check in. I would have never received the amount of compensation without Lawter & Associates handling my case. Your expertise and experience are notable. I will certainly refer Lawter & Associates to friends and family."

Elgin, OK

"Great customer service! No complaints."

Tulsa, OK

"Everyone I dealt with was professional and courteous. Great Experience."

Cheyenne, OK

"Tim Reese did an excellent job representing us and the firm kept me advised of the status of my case. I look forward to working with Mike Moore and Carmen Reese on my third party suit."

Oklahoma City, OK

"Was very pleased with everyone involved with my case. And if I ever have another reason to hire an attorney, I will contact you. Thank you and staff for everything you have done for me."

Sallisaw, OK

"Thanks to Matthew, Leresa and Blanca for handling our auto accident claim. What a burden lifted from our shoulders handling all the accident calls. What a great job they did for us. We would highly recommend Lawter & Associates to anyone involved in an auto accident.

-Larry and Margaret
Oklahoma City, OK

"Matthew has represented me twice and has been stellar each time. He's a keeper, a real up-and-coming force."

Broken Arrow, OK

"Matthew Reinstein and his team did a great job handling my claim. I am very appreciative of all their hard work. I will recommend your firm to my friends and family in the future.

Norman, OK

"I want to thank everyone for an amazing job and all the help. I will be referring y'all to everyone I meet. Thank you again."
McAlester, OK 

"Teresa was always polite and patient to explain things and answer questions. Most of the time, she had to talk to both of us and do things twice. Thanks for helping us through the process."
Yukon, OK

"Very prompt. Professional and friendly. Highly recommended! Thanks for working with me."
Tulsa, OK

"Very professional and respectful. I like you and thank you."
Oklahoma City, OK

"I couldn't have picked a better law firm to represent my son and I. Sandy, Angela, and Matt are amazing! I was treated with care, concern, and respect and I will never forget what they each did to help."
Okmulgee, OK

"I want to thank Matthew for standing beside me in this case, it was a long road for both of us but Matthew stood beside me and believed in me and that's what counts. I got the surgery I needed to be able to live a normal life without pressure on my spine which I am most thankful. God bless you all."
Stillwater, OK

"I would like to thank Tim, Kim, and Myra for all their services. All the questions I had, they were able to answer. If I ever need a lawyer again, I will definitely contact your office. Thanks again to those three individuals."
Midwest City, OK

"Thanks for the complete service that was concluded in a satisfactory result."
Normal, OK

"Everyone that I spoke to was very professional and friendly."
Wilburton, OK

"You all did an AMAZING job and I'll def use you again if I need a lawyer for an accident. Thank you so much! Major thanks to Sandy at the Tulsa office for the success in settling."
Midwest City, OK

"My experience was very pleasant, considering I came to your office because of being injured. Tim was a wonderful attorney. I was deeply impressed with his expertise in handling and settlement of my case and never ever let Ms. Beasley leave. She is professional as well as a comfort to the clients."
Oklahoma City, OK

"Everything was smooth and easy. Your firm took care of everything. I will use this firm again if the need ever arises. Thank you!"
Pocola, OK

"I thank you for everything you worked out for me, and yes I will use you again, thank you very much."
Oklahoma City, OK

"Dear Mr. Mike Lawter (And Teresa!), thanks to you and your staff for a very fine job representing me and my daughter in our vehicle accident! Although the amounts were not large, we think that since the accident was minor in nature it was fair! Won't hesitate to call again."
Choctaw, OK

"Lawter & Associates helped me tremendously. I appreciate everything and everyone that participated in my case. Great job! I will recommend this firm to others."
Oklahoma City, OK

"Thank you for handling my case. You stayed in touch and let me know what all was going on."
Henryetta, OK

"My sincere thanks to Myra and Tim. They told me straight-up answers to any questions I had. Thank you for your work on my and Kimberly's behalf."
Chickasha, OK

"You all were very kind and helpful. You answered all my questions with a polite attitude. Thank you all. God bless, all."
Sallisaw, OK

"You guys did a great job. If I ever need a lawyer to handle anything for me I would choose you guys again. Thank you very much for your service."
Oklahoma City, OK

"Thank you so much for taking care of my claim while being so kind, professional and respecting my situation. Everyone that was involved from beginning to end did an awesome job. God bless all of you."
Carnegie, OK

"Quick and efficient. Thank you all."
Lawton, OK

"I was most impressed with Bruce and Kimberly and thank you for taking my case. I will refer clients to your firm and use you myself again if needed."
Sulphur, OK

"The people who helped me with this case were very polite and kept me informed throughout the entire process. The lawyers were there to answer any questions or concerns I had regarding this matter and that is very important. I greatly appreciate working with this law firm and am thankful for all the hard work."
Oklahoma City, OK

"We want to thank you for your help in this matter. Thank you for your support and intervention regarding my problems with my claim. Very satisfied and will refer friends and family to you."
Bixby, OK

"This is the second time I have used your law firm, and again, I have been very pleased with all aspects of it. I dealt with very knowledgeable and professional staff who were very courteous and answered all of my questions and concerns. It's a relief to entrust legal issues like I've had twice to your staff! Thanks again so much. I hope I don't have any more situations for which I need legal involvement, but if I do, I will be contacting your firm once again."
Sulphur, OK

"Thank you Lawter & Associates. Your team was very professional and explained everything to me. I would not have received such care if it wasn't for my attorney, Tim and Mira for being so helpful. Thanks again."
Oklahoma City, OK

"I want to thank all of your staff. Everyone was very helpful and very nice and answered all of my questions very professionally. Thank you to all of your staff."
Norman, OK

"Great firm. I am very pleased. Tim Reese- excellent attorney- straight shooter, no B.S. Myra Beasley- quite a gem- answered every question, returned every call, and gave me a pep talk when I needed it most! I will gladly recommend this firm to anyone I know in need of honest representation. Thanks so much."
Oklahoma City, OK

"Sandy was extremely helpful, friendly, professional, and courteous."
Haskell, OK

"Each individual that I have spoken to or contacted have been most professional and willing to answer all and any questions."
Edmond, OK

"Thank you so much for handling my case. Once the surgery was performed and I was released from care- the case went really quick. Matthew is a great lawyer. I like that he is helpful and to the point. Thank you!"
Oklahoma City, OK

"Myra was wonderful. Could always count on her returning calls. Went through several case workers before her! Thank you!"
Kiowa, KS

"Thank you very very much. You people are OK. If anything in the future ever comes about, I'll remember you. Thanks again."
Fort Gibson, OK

"I am very happy about the outcome of my case. Your law firm handled my case with the most professionalism and the people who worked on my case were always helpful, always returned my calls and answered my questions. I would and will recommend this firm to anyone that needs a good firm. Thank you so much."
Midwest City, OK

"Everything was done in a very competent and timely manner. The people were very very friendly, very quick to respond to any questions or concerns that we had and very considerate of our needs during this time. I would highly recommend you to my family or anyone else."
Pawhuska, OK

"Thank you."
Clermont, FL

"I told Mary thank you but I didn't get a chance to thank everyone else in person so I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. You don't know how much y'all mean to me. I've been hurt in a car accident which left me paralyzed from the waist down for two years and my attorney wouldn't help me. I wish I could've had you represent me in that case. Thank you and God bless."
Bixby, OK

"I will use again in the future and I am very pleased with how you handled my case."
Oklahoma City, OK

"I really likes the attention that my case was given considering it was not a big one. Very pleased with your firm's work and the outcome."
Elk City, OK

"Sandy has helped my family a lot. Thank her very much."
Tulsa, OK

"Would not hesitate to use your law firm in the near future. Matt is very down to earth and just easy to deal with. Again, thank you all!"
Yukon, OK

"Sandy handled our claim and she was very professional and very prompt. Really did appreciate her calling us and updating us with information every week. Thanks again."
Gore, OK

"Mr. Reinstein did an exceptional job on my case. He communicated and researched the issues regarding my case thoroughly and earnestly to get the best result for me. I am very happy with my case conclusion and Matthew's job. Thank you."
Wellston, OK

"Thank you for the service in this matter of insurance claim. We would not have received the amount without Sandy's help. Very professional and kept us updated with the progress. Again thanks to Sandy!"
Gore, OK

"I love Ryan and Tim, they are the coolest! I appreciate all of the help and would refer anyone to your office. The staff are nice and friendly and very professional. Thanks again and great team work! A+."
Chandler, OK

"The experience I had with Matthew and his staff was amazing. I am sure I bothered them time and time again with my questions, but no matter what Matthew always was able to give me an answer and worked hard to get me a settlement I deserved. He worked hard and always kept me updated. He also added his humor, which made it even more enjoyable to talk to him. He was very upfront and let you know what to expect."
Yukon, OK

"Thanks for what you did, couldn't have made it without you. Thanks again."
Purcell, OK

"Glad to know you more than two years. Thank you for giving us help and support. And thank you and your team for your hard work!"

"I was/am extremely happy with the way my case was handled and am extremely satisfied with the settlement decided on. All lawyers and legal assistants were very professional and answered all my questions professionally and easily."
San Angelo, TX

"Very professional. Done in a fairly timely manner. Everyone was real nice and helpful. Thank you."
Wyandotte, OK

"I am very pleased with the way my case was handled. I have and will continue to refer my friends and family to your law office. Awesome job."
Norman, OK

"Thank you so much for your care and professionalism. You guys are solid."
Oklahoma City, OK

"I just want to say thank you to the law firm of Lawter & Associates for your relentless long hours of preparatory law services that were provided to me as a client of your firm. Once again, humbly expressed, thank you, Lawter & Associates, for your professionalism, thoughtfulness and work ethics. Kudos and a very special thank you to Teresa for standing in the gap in conjunction with going above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you & God's blessings!"
Guthrie, OK

"I'd used Lawter since Lawter & Pitts. Always taking my best interest to the court. Time seemed to always be an issue. The court and doctors always seemingly dragging 'their' feet, making (at times) living being extremely difficult. Yet, no flaws with Lawter & Associates though. I've always appreciated your hard work and timely efforts. Thank you all."
Woodward, OK

"You all did a great job for me, keep up the good work and thank you for taking all of my pain in the a** phone calls. I do appreciate your work on my case and we won. I'm sure if I hadn't had you all I would not have even got my car fixed, thank you."
Pryor, OK

"I was pleased with your services. Thank you!"
Oklahoma City, OK

"Everything went well and I appreciate everything you did for me. Thank you and God bless."
Oklahoma City, OK

"I was very pleased with the way you all handled my case. The staff was very helpful in every way. Mainly, Teresa Johnson. She was very good at explaining everything, and if I should ever need you all again I won't hesitate to call on your services, and I will highly recommend you. Thank you very much."
Oklahoma City, OK

"Matthew Reinstein worked very successfully on my minor daughter's car wreck case. He kept me informed throughout the whole case. He fought very hard to make sure my daughter was taken care of. I will never be able to thank him and your firm enough for what you did for my daughter."
Weatherford, OK

"Your firm has been very quick to represent me in my claim. You were very kind and I appreciate your business. Your firm handled everything as I asked and informed me through letters. Thank you."
Duncan, OK

"Thank you for all the hard work you did. I was very pleased with the service I received. Very nice professional conduct by all that were involved in my case."
Blanchard, OK

"Thanks for everything. You are amazing, words can't explain. I actually have some hope now. I do and will continue to tell everybody I know about your services. Even people I don't know need to know about you. Thanks again for everything."
Woodward, OK

"Brandon, I was well satisfied with the way my case was handled and I appreciated all you did on my behalf."
Wewoka, OK

"I would like to express how much I appreciate Matt's handling of my motorcycle accident case. Not only did I get a fair settlement, but all stress of dealing with bill collectors disappeared. To be honest I had always thought that 'pain and suffering' was just a lawyer gimmick - boy, was I wrong! You deserve compensation and you shouldn't have to deal with doctor bills and collection agencies on top of the physical pain! I was very impressed with Matt's attention to detail, very professional but he was no 'stuffed shirt'. Blanca was great too, my wife really liked her! I hope I don't need your help again anywhere soon, but if I do, I know who I'll call! Thank you so much!"
Maysville, OK

"This experience with Lawter & Associates was my first experience with a law firm. So I have nothing to compare. But the times I spend with Cerise, Sandy and Matthew were all pleasant. I always felt that they had my best interests at heart and truly wanted to help me."
Norman, OK

"I want to thank you for helping us. I also know that your law firm are very professional and are very kind and I will tell anyone who needs a good lawyer to contact you all."
Salmon, ID

"I was very pleased with Brandon. My case was handled quickly."
Rialto, CA

"Such great service!"
Claremore, OK

"Hello. I want to say thank you to Lawter & Associates for everything. Your staff is awesome. Especially Nathan Phillips, Brandy, and Brandon, they are great. They help me through this troubled time. 100%, I don't know what I would have done without them. Thank you so much, everyone.""
Oklahoma City, OK

"There are not enough words to express how I feel about your firm. From the start to the end was very professional and honest. I didn't have good feelings about attorneys from the past, but Matthew has restored my feelings. He was very upfront about everything and I appreciate his hard work on my case. I will recommend your firm and you can bet I keep your number for my future needs. Thank you, Matthew!"
Irving, TX

"As always, I'm very satisfied with the service I receive at Lawter & Associates. The staff is always friendly and professional. Matthew is awesome. He always put my needs first and worked with me all the way to the end, keeping me updated on the status of my case. I thank Matthew, and the Lawter and Associates staff, for an excellent job well done!"
Del City, OK

"My time at Lawter was great. Everyone was nice and supportive, and I did not have much to be worried about my case. I'd like to thank Lawter for working my case."
-Bao, Motor Vehicle Accident
Owasso, OK

"Great service, all I can say, and thank you!"
-Daniel, Motor Vehicle Accident
Bartlesville, OK

"Extremely appreciative and forever grateful to Susan Hale and Matthew Reinstein for the great work and sweet attention they gave me. It's easy to forget a case due to so many details, but they always knew every detail. They were always be a part of my journey. Thank you, Matt. You are amazing!"
-Alba, Motor Vehicle Accident
Oklahoma City

"Everything went well. Brannon is great along with everyone else. All Good."
-Joseph, Workers' Compensation
Spencer, OK

"Matthew was great to work with on my case. Very helpful and got things care of when the other company wasn't responding."
-Andrea, Premises Liability
Edmond, OK

"I was very satisfied with the service I received from the attorneys and staff. If anything happened in the future, Lawter & Associates will be the first I choose to represent me. They know how to get right down to business."
-Angela, Motor Vehicle Accident
Tulsa, OK

"Brandy was always on top of everything that was happening with my case. Brandon was very attentive and understanding during the settlement phase of my case, even calling me weekly to check to see if I had received my check. Thank you!"
-Beth, Workers' Compensation
Tulsa, OK

"Thank you for all of your hard work. I do appreciate it sincerely."
-Curtis, Motor Vehicle Accident
Midwest City, OK

"I want to thank everyone at Lawter & Associates, you all did a very great job. I have been referring you to everyone I know. Thank you all!"
-Elizabeth, Workers' compensation
Vinita, OK

"Really enjoyed everyone who worked on my case. Everyone, especially Brandy, worked their buns off. Nathan was excellent, Brandon was excellent and Brandy went above and beyond. Appreciate everyone."
-Jenifer, Workers' Compensation
Yukon, OK

"Thank you very much for your assistance in dealing with and resolving my issue with my accident. You were very professional with me. You were able to prove I was not at fault and get the money I deserved."
-Jimmy, Motor Vehicle Accident
Oklahoma City, OK

"We appreciate your law firm handling my case. Your staff was very helpful in keeping me informed and returning calls. Thank you, Matthew, I will recommend you to others."
-LaQuitta, Motor Vehicle Accident
Moore, OK

"Thank you Brandon, Storie and Staff, for your kindness, professionalism and all your help during the last few years. I do not know what I would have done without your help and guidance. I am very satisfied with the legal services provided by Lawter & Associates. On a scale of 1-10, a 10 would describe my satisfaction. I definitely would recommend your law firm to anyone I know that needs legal help. Thank you for everything."
-Laveta, Workers' Compensation
Yelm, WA

"Dear Mr. Lawter, I have to thank you and your wonderful Tulsa staff. Mr. Reinstein kept us informed about the case and did a wonderful job."
-Linda, Motor Vehicle Accident
Tulsa, OK

"Y'all are amazing there and you get the job done."
-Miranda, Motor Vehicle Accident
Muskogee, OK

"I would like to thank Lawter & Associates for handling our claim. The bills from our injuries were taken care of in a speedy and productive way. Thanks again."
-Monique, Motor Vehicle Accident
Tulsa, OK

"Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to my case. I appreciate all you guys have done."
-Norma, Workers' Compensation
Oklahoma City, OK

"Your company is awesome. You stay true and dedicated to your clients. You don' scam and try to get over. I experienced honesty about my case from beginning to end. I highly recommend you."
-Sheletha, Motor Vehicle Accident
Oklahoma City, OK

"Theresa was great. My case was resolved and I am grateful."
-Teri, Motor Vehicle Accident
Del City, OK

"Awesome job, if we need you again we know who to contact for a lawyer. Matthew is a great attorney. Thank you for your time."
-Vernon & Christina, Motor Vehicle Accident
Oklahoma City, OK

"The attorney who handled my claim was GREAT! Once she took over, it helped me a lot, would recommend her very much! As far as the law is concerned about wrecks, they should do more for the ones who are not at fault. I would recommend your law firm to any of my friends. Thank you all."
-Lisa, Motor Vehicle Accident
Tecumseh, OK

"Everyone I worked with at Lawter & Associates was very professional. Matthew was very good in explaining and keeping me informed. Susan also kept me up-to- date on what was going on and what I needed to get to them to complete the case. Thank you all for helping me in this case."
-Deborah, Motor Vehicle Accident
Lawton, OK

"I am very pleased with all who was involved in my worker compensation case, before coming to your firm I felt I was alone in my quest to gain justice. Mary, Tim, Matt and Mike were great working on my behalf and it's still not over, Matt and Mike are still in my corner. Thanks to all, I'll never forget!"
Kenneth, Motor Vehicle Accident & Workers' Compensation
Oklahoma City, OK

"I want to thank the staff at Lawter & Associates for working so hard on my case. I want to thank Nathan, Tim, Mary and especially Jo Allen who were always there for me and took care of my business and kept me informed of the situation when needed."
-Edward, Workers' Compensation
Collinsville, OK

"Brandon did an excellent job keeping me informed during the entire process of my care. His professionalism and personal care is to be commended. Nathan kept me informed on what to expect in my deposition and final court testimony. I have recommended a friend to use your firm!"
-Dennis, Workers' Compensation
Oklahoma City, OK

"Thank you for your help with my car accident."
-Wanda, Motor Vehicle Accident
Tulsa, OK

"Great Customer Service!! Always returned my calls right back and handled the case as quick as possible with little help from me!! Will definitely use your services again if need be. Thanks!"
-Nataya, Motor Vehicle Accident
Oklahoma City, OK

"You guys are awesome. Thank you so much for all your help."
-Troy, Motor Vehicle Accident and Workers' Compensation
Beggs, OK

"Ed and Matthew were very funny, friendly and professional. You guys are amazing. That's why I would use you all anytime! Thank you guys!"
-Christina, Motor Vehicle Accident
Oklahoma City, OK

"Matthew, thank you for being so KIND! Thank you for all your help. I guess it ended best for all involved! I would have loved to have met you in person. Again, thank you Very Much."
-Lou, Motor Vehicle Accident
Norman, OK

"Your firm and all that work there are awesome. I am proud to have put all my faith in you guys. I am very pleased, especially with Joe Allen, Mary and Sandy. You guys gave me the strength to make it through some very rough times. Thanks again!"
-Troy, Workers' Compensation and Motor Vehicle Accident Client
Beggs, OK

"The staff was very nice and always there when we had questions and always returned phone calls on the same day we called."
-Linda and Brandon, Motor Vehicle Accident
Altus, OK

"Great job. Thank you very much! I need that cash so bad. Thank you, thank you, thank you."
-David, Motor Vehicle Accident
Oklahoma City, OK

"With the many problems I deal with physically, it was a pleasure having Matthew. Still having serious problems (neck to ankles) that the firm can't fix, and I hope to be better soon. Thanks to Matthew and the Lawter firm."
-Michael, Motor Vehicle Accident
Oklahoma City, OK

"Mrs. Jo Allen was very helpful, kind, understanding and patient with me through my pain and suffering. I pray that God will continue to bless your law firm. Ms. Mary was kind too. Thank you for handling my lawsuit. Thank you Mr. Mike Lawter."
-Valerie, Workers' Compensation
Tulsa, OK

"Thank you for your help. I could have not done this without you. Thank you for your patience and being with me till the end. Thousands of thanks!"
-Joel, Workers' Compensation
Madill, OK

"Gracias por su ayuda. Yo no podria acerlo de ninguana manera gracias por su paciencia y por erstar con migo asta el funal. Gracias mil!"
-Joel, Workers' Compensation
Madill, OK

"I am very pleased with the service that I received. Most of the time when I called, I got help right then and I didn't have to wait. I will use you on future cases."
-Tina, Workers' Compensation
Minco, OK

"I was very pleased with the outcome of my case."
-Gwendolyn, Motor Vehicle Accident
Oklahoma City, OK

"I feel like you guys handled my case very well and I was pleased.  Thank you very much."
-Sheree, Motor Vehicle Accident
Chandler, OK

"Carmen was great about communication and from day one and Sharese was also helpful.  I appreciate everything and will definitely refer others to you all.  Thank you again!"
-Danesha, Motor Vehicle Accident
Oklahoma City, OK

"I am very pleased with the way your firm handled my case.   I have used you in the past and will use you in the future if I ever need your services.  I was very happy and grateful with the way Matthew Reinstein took care of my case and how he always kept me informed.  Thanks to everyone who worked on my case."
-Shirley, Motor Vehicle Accident
Seminole, OK

"Thank you for your help with the insurance company. We would not have known what to do. And, a thank you Sandy for all that you did for us."
-Freda, Motor Vehicle Accident
Muskogee, OK

"I am pleased with the service I received from your firm. Thanks again for everything was done in my case."
-Shirley, Workers' Compensation
Coweta, OK

"Lawter & Associates is a very professional law firm and I thank you for your help."
-Carl, Workers' Compensation
Andrews, TX

"Thank you Matthew and everyone who assisted on my case.  I pray that I will never have to go through this nightmare ever again!  I do not envy your firm for having to deal with all of the "BS" that you have to go through on cases.  Thank you again and I wish all of you continued success!"
-Sandy, Motor Vehicle Accident
Childress, TX

"Sandy is great. It took a long time, but she worked very hard and was always great."
-Jennifer, Motor Vehicle Accident
Tahlequah, OK

"Thank you for accepting my case and representing me. Ms. Cindy and Ms. Kim were very professional in answering my many questions and always very friendly. Thank you very much for all the work put forth on my case."
-Mary, Motor Vehicle Accident
Pawnee, OK

"I am very thankful and blessed to have used you as my lawyer. Sandy and Kim handled my case very professional and always had time for me when I called. Thank you."
-Hannah, Motor Vehicle Accident
Muskogee, OK

"I am pleased and very grateful for the way you handled my case. If anything should arise in the future, I will call on you again or recommend your firm. Thank you so much."
-Virgil, Motor Vehicle Accident
Oklahoma City, OK

"My lawyer, Tim Reese, was quick to address any issue I had. It is always helpful to have someone on your side in these situations. Thank you!"
-Stephanie, Workers' Compensation
Woodward, OK

"You guys were amazing throughout our whole case. You kept us updated through everything, and we were able to close our case much quicker than anticipated. Thank you so much for representing us through these difficult times. We greatly appreciate it!"
-Jose, Motor Vehicle Accident
Lawton, OK

"I'm not sure that I can put in all the wonderful things I have to say in such a limited space. Above all else Matthew was my saving grace. All of the work and guidance that has been provided to me over the last 2 ½ years has allowed me to focus on my health and get the help that I needed. Matthew and Susan are amazing, and I couldn't have made it without them. If I ever am faced with a situation like this again, Lawter & Associates will be my first all. Thank You All!"
-Megan, Motor Vehicle Accident
Altus, OK

"I could not have wanted anyone better than She'a. She handled things timely and always very accurate. You are very lucky to find someone in this day and age to be as loyal and efficient as She'a. Also, your front girls were also very timely and friendly."
-Edna, Motor Vehicle Accident
Moore, OK

"I found it very comforting that Lawter & Associates completely took charge and handled all the paperwork and dealing with the insurance companies and medicare. I had to do very little to get my doctor's bills paid on time. I appreciate all who worked on my case and the constant communications."
-Richard, Motor Vehicle Accident
Kingfisher, OK

"I was very satisfied with the service and would refer you to a friend."
-Christina, Motor Vehicle Accident
Ardmore, OK

"Thanks so much for all you have done for me!  You guys were wonderful.  I wish I still lived where you could represent me in my SSI case.  Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you."
-Victoria, Motor Vehicle Accident
Clarksville, TN

"I would like to thank you for your help, Mr. Lawter.  I have never been treated so good and with such respect.  Your whole office treated me like a person and not a number.  Your people did exactly what they said they would do.  Everybody at your office treated me well and always checked up on me.  God bless your whole office."
-Ronnie, Social Security
Hulbert, OK

"Excellent work and quick responses on our cases, I truly appreciated your good work.  If I should need a lawyer, or my friends need one, I will highly recommend Lawter & Associates to my friends."
-Bunthian, Motor Vehicle Accident
Del City, OK

"Thank you for your work on my case.  It was handled professionally and quickly."
-Denise, Motor Vehicle Accident
Kingfisher, OK

"All of the attorneys and paralegals assigned to my case were excellent.  I have no quarrel with any of them.  Whenever I called with a question, they all returned the calls.  Even the receptionist was very courteous and always nice and took all my messages.  Tim and Nathan were always on top of their game.  I am satisfied."
-Julius, Workers' Compensation Client
Jacksonville, FL

"I would like to say thank you to Lawter & Associates and Ms. Shea for taking the time out to help me.  Everyone was nice and kept me informed as the process went on.  I would recommend this law firm to anyone in need of these services."
-Tanjanique, Motor Vehicle Accident
Edmond, OK

"Thank you for settling my claim.  Although it took a while, I completely understand.  Everyone was always pleasant and helpful.  If I ever need assistance with legal matters in the future, I will give you a call!"
-Roy, Workers' Compensation Client
Stratford, OK

"I wanted to send a short note to Mr. Lawter to say that Mr. Joshua Farley has been a great help to me and I now have a more positive outlook on my situation.  I didn't have as good of luck getting my checks on time before, but Mr. Farley is your man.  And, well, he's mine too.  Thank God."
-Don, Workers' Compensation Client
Yukon, OK

"She'a was an absolute Godsend! She kept me informed and well advised.  I will highly recommend both She'a and your firm.  Thank You!"
-Kristi, Motor Vehicle Accident
Shawnee, OK

"Hi! My name is Juana Sanchez de Montes and I just want to thank you for everything.  You treated me very well and helped me out a lot.  You always tended to me very well.  Thank you again for everything!  I am glad the case is done and over with and that everything went well/smooth.
Again, I just want to thank you guys.

Hola! Soy Juana Sanchez de Montes.  Quiero daries las gracias por todo.  Me trataron muy bien, me ayudaron mucho y simper me atendieron muy bien.  Gradias por todo.  Estoy contenta el caso se termino y salio muy bien todo.
Otravez les doy la gracias."
-Juana, Workers' Compensation Client
Guymon, OK

"Lawter & Associates were wonderful to me, you all kept me informed about everything and I thank you all for what you have done for me."
-Tanya, Motor Vehicle Accident
Edmond, OK

"The law firm of Lawter & Associates was very professional the people were nice to deal with.  Thanks for all of your help!"
-Herbert, Motor Vehicle Accident
Claremore, OK

"Hello and Oh My Goodness,
I did not expect that much! All I wanted was to prove St. Francis doctors wronged me and get treatment.   For over 2 years I could not use my thumb and was denied as not work related.  Now, I can use it!  And from one injection!  I wish the entire amount was more-so that your office could have received more for all that you have done!  Are you sure this is right?
I appreciate your checking on the trip reimbursement; I don't want to sound so picky, but St. Francis clearly takes care of their business and so I should take care of me.  And without your help, I wouldn't have any of this.   I feel like I have wasted your time on this with so little pay-off for your firm, while I have a victory.  While it is not monetary, you guys did a lot of good for one woman in pain.
Thank you so much!"
-Lorinda, Workers' Compensation Client
Tulsa, OK

"I was impressed by the friendliness of your staff from the first time my husband and I entered your Tulsa office.  The staff kept us updated with regular calls while I was finishing my medical treatments and when I called to speak with our attorney, Matthew Reinstein, the calls were always promptly returned. Matthew was always informative, energetic and polite and I am sorry that I didn't get to meet him in person.  I am also grateful that your company got us an excellent settlement."
-Catherine, Motor Vehicle Client
Barnsdall, OK

"I chose Lawter because of a former relationship with my father, a doctor from Norman.  I believe that everyone at Lawter & Associates was very helpful and did a great job in spite of Geico being problematic during my case.  Hopefully, I won't have a need for your services in the future, but I do know who to call if I do."
-Kathleen, Motor Vehicle Client
Oklahoma City, OK

"We were so thankful to have someone on our side because we were dealing with an insurance company that was not cooperative at all.  Thank You."
-Michael, Motor Vehicle Client
Walters, OK

"My wife and I want to thank you and your staff for the professional way that our case was handled.  We were completely satisfied with the process and the amount of the settlement we received.  Thank you!"
-David, Motor Vehicle Client
Barnsdall, OK

"I want to thank you and your team for working so hard on my case. I appreciate everything you have done for me. Thank you very much!"
-Terri, Motor Vehicle Client
Chandler, OK

"Lawter & Associates were great and I'd recommend them to anyone. Matthew helped my husband and me out a lot on medical bills and was very understanding. I am so thankful that they were there for us."
-Linda and Les, Motor Vehicle Accident Clients
Norman, OK

"I appreciate all of your help. I feel like my workers' comp case was handled very well by Tim. Thanks again, so much!"
-Melissa, Workers' Compensation Client
Oklahoma City, OK

"Thank you all, for your help. The entire staff was pleasant, professional and thorough. We will definitely refer your office to our family and friends."
-Dina and Tony, Motor Vehicle Clients
Oklahoma City, OK

"It is my first time hiring a lawyer and I had a great experience! I think you guys are efficient and competent. Thank you for all the effort in and time in this. I especially want to thank Carmen and Hilda. I really appreciate you and your work. Thank you for answering all my questions and requests. You guys are the best!! Thank you for all the help, it really meant a lot."
-Tiffany, Motor Vehicle Accident Client
Durant, OK

"Your firm has been extremely helpful to me. Everyone has been patient and understanding to my needs. If needed, I will contact you again. I will also recommend your firm to anyone I know in need of legal assistance. Thank you!"
-Teresa, Motor Vehicle Accident Client
Enid, OK

"To Mike and the entire staff, especially Carmen, the patience you have exhibited on my behalf is greatly appreciated. Carmen, you are special and a great asset to your firm."
-Ethel, Motor Vehicle Accident Client
Oklahoma City, OK

"Excellent help!"
-Susan, Motor Vehicle Accident Client
Norman, OK

"Everyone was very helpful in my case. Thank you!"
-Cynthia, Motor Vehicle Accident Client
Talihina, OK

"Your firm did an excellent job handling my case. Each and every associate did a good job and treated me very well. Thanks so much for everything!"
-Margie, Motor Vehicle Accident Client
Oklahoma City, OK

"Working with Lawter & Associates was great in every way. Matthew was a wonderful lawyer and I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of an attorney."
-Virginia, Motor Vehicle Accident Client
Oklahoma City, OK

"Matthew and Sandy were very professional, courteous and I sincerely appreciate all their help."
-Donna, Motor Vehicle Accident Client
Newcastle, OK

"I think that Matthew did a great job representing me in my case. Especially, since the medical records were poor."
-Phil, Motor Vehicle Accident
Durant, OK

"I was very pleased with the way that your firm handled my case. The legal assistants were very polite, courteous and informative; as was Mr. Reinstein. I would recommend your firm to anyone needing legal assistance."
-Robert, Motor Vehicle Accident Client
Lawton, OK

"Thank you very much! I will recommend others to you. You guys are awesome!"
-Ruby, Motor Vehicle Accident Client
Gore, OK

"Thank you for the service. If I do need you again, I will definitely call. Mary and your team was very helpful. The team from Tulsa made me feel like family. Thanks!"
-John, Workers' Compensation Client
Tulsa, OK

"Excellent job, thank you Carmen!"
-Keith, Motor Vehicle Accident Client
Moore, OK

"I would like to thank Matthew and everyone who worked on my case. You all made a big difference in our lives! Keep up the good work!"
-Barbara, Motor Vehicle Accident Client
Weatherford, OK

"I want to thank your office for all their kindness and professionalism. My case was handled so well and everyone I came into contact with was wonderful! My special thanks to John, Kim and Sandy!"
-Gloria, Motor Vehicle Accident Client
Fort Gibson, OK

"I would like to say thanks to Lawter & Associates for taking my case. It was a pleasure working with your representative Sandy, who kept me informed about the state of my case. I would definitely recommend your establishment to anyone in need of representation."
-Claudia, Motor Vehicle Accident Client
Lawton, OK

"I am very happy with the way my workers' compensation case was handled. Great communication, compassion and fast results. Thank you Nathan Phillips, Tim and Amy!"
-Sharon, Workers' Compensation Client
Shawnee, OK

"The firm handled my claim fast and professionally. I appreciate the time and support you have given me."
-Makyla, Motor Vehicle Accident Client
Cordell, OK

"You guys were great and I appreciate all you did. My case would not have settled without you. Matthew Reinstein and his staff were very helpful. I fully recommend your firm to anyone in need. Thank you for everything!"
-Lorrie, Motor Vehicle Accident Client
Colbert, OK

"I think Lawter & Associates did a  good job. When I went to court with Nathan, he made me feel comfortable. So I would like to thank Lawter & Associates; you guys did a great job."
-Vonnie, Workers' Compensation Client
Oklahoma City, OK

"Everyone was great, friendly and helpful. Thank you."
-Jimi, Motor Vehicle Accident Client
Oklahoma City, OK

"From beginning to end, I was completely satisfied. Everything was handled with complete professionalism. I will highly recommend your firm to others. You were a true blessing when I needed you. Again, thank you for all the work you did in representing me."
-Theresa, Motor Vehicle Accident Client
Tulsa, OK

"I am quite pleased at the handling of my accident. My claim was handled in a timely manner. Sandy was especially helpful. Thank you."
-Travis, Motor Vehicle Accident Client
Tulsa, OK

"Overall I was very pleased with the service and results produced. I would definitely recommend Lawter & Associates to others."
-Nancy, Workers' Compensation Client
Oklahoma City, OK

"Thanks once again for handling our case. Your staff is very professional, nice and quick about answering questions. Keep up the great job!"
-Rosa and Raul, Motor Vehicle Accident Clients
Oklahoma City, OK

"Thank you very much! You were able to accomplish what I was unable to do, and in a nice friendly manner."
-Gayle, Motor Vehicle Accident Client
Oklahoma City, OK

"I had the unfortunate experience of being injured in two car accidents that were approximately 6 months apart. The same day I met with your firm to discuss my accidents, I was re-injured in another rear-end accident. My car was minimally damaged, but unfortunately I was extremely injured from the two previous accidents before. Due to a prior injury 10 years earlier, the impact of my 3 accidents was extreme. I had the honor of working with Matthew Reinstein. Matthew worked hard for my case from day one. He was patient with all of my questions and took time to return all of my calls in a timely fashion. He was direct and to-the-point, which I really appreciated. However he was also very empathetic, as he handled my case with obvious care. In my opinion, he worked a small miracle and was able to get me a large amount to compensate for the pain I endured on a daily basis. Even though financial compensation does not correct the pain and suffering I will live with the rest of my life, it does give me comfort that some amount of justice was served. It would not have happened if I had not had Matthew in my corner. I could go on and on telling you about the great experience I had working with Matthew and your firm. Matthew is definitely an asset to your firm. I would like to thank you for all the hard work and for helping me have a successful story to attest to, instead of a tragic permanent injury. Thank you, thank you, thank you all, from the bottom of my heart."
-Charmoine, Motor Vehicle Accident Client
Oklahoma City, OK

"I was very pleased with the way my case was handled. The Tulsa office was very polite and helpful. Sandy was always polite and took her time to explain things to me. Thanks Sandy!"
-Pam, Slip and Fall Client
Tulsa, OK

"I appreciate the way everything was taken care of, following the accident. I also appreciate the fact that the credit bureau received a letter and phone call clearing up the matter of my late bill. Thank you."
-Barbara, Motor Vehicle Accident Client
Indiahoma, OK

"Carmen, I want to say thank you! I know that it is your job, but I think that you have always done excellent work and you care for us. I appreciate it. Have a good day and thanks again!"
-Tiffany, Motor Vehicle Accident Client
Durant, OK

"Thank you so much for the representation from your firm. You were always professional, friendly and caring of my needs. Thanks to all of you, who helped on my case."
-Gwendolyn, Workers' Comp Client
Tulsa, OK

"I am very pleased! Thank you Tim and Nathan, for helping me. Also, thank you so much Mary, you always answered all of my questions. You are such a nice lady! I will refer others to Lawter & Associates!"
-Carole, Workers' Comp Client
Oklahoma City, OK

"Estoy muy content y agradecido a todos en Lawter & Associates que trabajo en mi caso. Ellos saben como hacer su trabajo para garantizar Buenos resultados. Al final, sus clientes reciben un trabajo bien hecho. Gracias."

Translated: "I am very happy and thankful to everyone at Lawter & Associates who worked on my case. They know how to do their job to ensure good results. In the end, their clients receive a job well done. Thank You."
-Asuncion, Workers' Comp Client
Ardmore, OK

"We are very pleased on how the firm handled our case. We will definitely use Lawter & Associates again. Thank you very much; keep up the good work!"
-Rosa and Rob, Workers' Comp Client
Oklahoma City, OK

"The attorneys, the employees and the law firm as a whole are great."
-John, Workers' Comp Client
Guthrie, OK

"I had all of my questions answered in a timely manner and I was quite satisfied with the whole experience. Thank you to all who were involved in my case. I will return if I ever need your help again!"
-Brandon, Workers' Comp Client
Tulsa, OK

"I cannot express what a great job Carmen did in handling my case.  She got what I felt was the max amount on my settlement.  She was always friendly and easy to work with.  Thanks!"
-Bill, Motor Vehicle Accident
Oklahoma City, OK

"I am very pleased with the staff that handled my case and appreciate all the work they did.  I appreciate all they did to help me settle my case.  I would highly recommend your law firm to friends and family."
-Jennifer, Workers' Comp Client
Oklahoma City, OK

"I'd like to thank you and your staff for everything.  They are very kind and courteous."
-Mary, Workers' Comp Client
Tulsa, OK

"Sandy Bartlett handled my claim.  She was very friendly and extremely professional.  She went the extra mile to ensure that my claim reached a desirable outcome.  I appreciate all of their help in settling the claim. Everyone I had contact with at Lawter was wonderful!"
-LeAnn, Motor Vehicle Accident Client

"Thank you all for your attention to my claim.  I would have been financially tired had I not been brave and sought your advice and care.  Although my claim was small, I felt that J. Mike Lawter, Carmen Reese and Shelby Shoemaker listened and actually cared!  Thank you very much."
-Mark, Motor Vehicle Accident Client
Tulsa, OK

"I would like to thank everyone of you in person, for the great job.  You all gave me hope.  I can't thank you enough.  God bless you all!"
-Danny, Workers' Comp Client

"We are pleased and satisfied with the work you did for us. Thank you so very much for taking care of us."
-Henry and Clara, Motor Vehicle Accident Client
Oklahoma City, OK

"Ed, Katie and Carmen have represented us in the utmost professional way.  They were very personable and informative.  They explained to us in detail, the step-by-step procedures of what was going to happen with our case.  I don't think it could have been more delightful, working with Lawter and Associates.  Again, thank you!  Bless you!"
-LaDonna, Motor Vehicle Accident Client

"Your whole staff was very great with everything concerning my case.  I want to thank each and every one of you."
-Margaret, Workers' Comp Client
Tulsa, OK 

"Everyone was so very nice and answered all of my questions I had.  Shelby always called back promptly when I left messages.  I'm very happy with the outcome of my case.  I will definitely use this firm again if I ever have anything else come up.  Also, Carmen was very helpful and stayed in contact with me.  Overall, it was a great experience and took a lot of the burden off of my shoulders."
-Melissa, Motor Vehicle Accident Client
Tulsa, OK

"Thank you so very much.  As always, Lawter & Associates has come through for this family.  I will always refer my cases to Lawter.  The staff is great, friendly, caring and prompt.  Once again, thank you!"
-T. Pollard, Workers' Compensation Client
Tulsa, OK

"I am very proud of how Lawter & Associates has taken care of me.  I am truly grateful that they were recommended to me by Dr. Doug Smith.  Thanks for all of the great work that you do for me."
-Kristen, Motor Vehicle Accident Client
Tulsa, OK

"Over the last four years my wife and I have spent countless hours on the phone trying to get surgeries and treatment approved.  We have had headache after headache attempting to receive some semblance of assistance from the workers' compensation carrier.  After nearly three years of struggling, we felt it necessary to obtain an attorney to assist us in our efforts.  We could not have chosen a better group of individuals.  Our personal and heartfelt thanks go out to Angela, Nathan, Mike, and Gary for alleviating our stress and helping us through this emotional time.  Just knowing they were handling this case took the stress out of the picture and allowed me to focus on what was important, getting better."
-Ronnie and Amy, Workers' Compensation Client
Oklahoma City, OK

"I appreciate all of the time and effort toward getting me back into a semi-normal state.  I want to thank Lawter & Associates for all of the kind and encouraging words; you really kept me going during a trying time.  Always kind and helpful, you have made this lawsuit a tolerable situation without any stress, and I truly do appreciate you for that."
-Peggy H., Car Accident Client
Tulsa, OK

"The benefits that Lawter has provided, and continues to provide to me, are unsurpassed.  They protect, inform, and educate me.  They are very tough and have a great reputation; this is evident in their courtroom presence.  I've observed the respect that judges and the opposing attorneys give them.  Their staff is also impressive; the staff members are courteous, well trained and sympathetic to the case at hand.  I can call, leave a message or question, and they ALWAYS call me back.  If you were my brother or sister and needed an attorney, my advice would be to retain them now!"
-Edward, Personal Injury and Workers' Compensation Client
Oklahoma City, OK

"After my wreck, I contacted Lawter and Associates.  Sandy and Matthew went above and beyond for me.  Mike even drove to Tulsa and filmed a doctor's appointment.  I have money in the bank; you bet I'm happy."
-Denise, Car Accident Client
Tulsa, OK

"Everyone I talked with was wonderful, helpful and helped me to understand things I didn't know.  I feel they had my interest at heart.  Thank you for everything."
-Vileta, Personal Injury Client
Oklahoma City, OK

"Gary, I wanted to thank you for all that you have done with my case.  You have worked very hard on my behalf and I truly appreciate your time and effort.  It has been a pleasure working with you.  I would definitely recommend you and your firm to others.  Thank you again."
-Jennifer, Workers' Compensation Client
Oklahoma City, OK

"Thank you again for the help with my claim and the fast, friendly service. I loved the fact that Matthew Reinstein always called me himself, not the assistant."
-Janet, Motor Vehicle Accident Client
Oklahoma City, OK

"I really appreciate all of the lawyers at Lawter & Associates. I was really upset with the insurance company we were dealing with and the lawyers at Lawter & Associates took over. I was looking just to have my medical bills paid. I got that and spending money for Christmas. Thank you!"
-Tammye, Motor Vehicle Accident Client
Oklahoma City, OK

"I would like to truly thank Mr. Lawter and his law firm, you are all kind and courteous and helpful, especially Ms. Teresa Jones, Mr. Lawter and Ms. Blanca. I would recommend this office to anyone for lawsuit anytime."
-Brandy, Motor Vehicle Accident Client
Oklahoma City, OK

"Your law firm was terrific. I know it would take a while to get the settlement but I had faith in you that you would do whatever needed to be done to get Tyson Foods to take care of my shoulder and hands. I have told others about you and suggested they use you. I will use your services again if the need arises."
-Carl, Worker's Compensation Client
Tulsa, OK

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