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Study Finds Oklahoma Has Glut of Distracted Drivers

Distracted drivers pose risk to motorists across the country. However, a new study released by traffic analytics firm Zendrive revealed Oklahoma has one of the highest rates of distracted driving nationally. The research firm uses smartphone sensors to measure driver behavior. With this technology, the firm gathered data from 3.1 million drivers covering some 5.6...

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Keeping Oklahoma City Kids Safe from Pedestrian Car Accidents

Pedestrians are particularly at risk in car accidents because they have nothing to protect them from impact when a car strikes them. While every pedestrian could potentially be injured or even killed when involved in an accident, there are certain demographic groups whose risks are elevated. These include children and the elderly. Just recently, KOCO Oklahoma...

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Oklahoma Families Can Be Devastated By the Cost of Car Accidents

Car accident costs can be devastating. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports the total cost of losses from motor vehicle accidents over the course of 2013 exceeded $277 billion. Costs can include loss of wages and lost productivity, but also actual tangible monetary costs like medical bills and funerals for people who do not survive...

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Crash Prevention Efforts are Essential in Oklahoma City With Rising Miles Driven

Between 2014 and 2015, there was a four percent rise in the total number of miles driven in the United States. Chicago Tribune reported on this increase and indicated more miles were driven in 2015 in America than at any time in history. This calculation comes from the Federal Highway Administration, which amasses data on total...

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What Oklahoma City Drivers Need to Know About Getting Medical Bills Paid After a Rear-End Crash

After a rear-end car accident in Oklahoma, victims may be worried about how to pay for medical treatment costs. Drivers can often turn to auto insurers in order to get their medical bills paid. However, the process of seeking compensation to get medical bills paid and to cover other losses can be complicated. Getting Medical...

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Oklahoma City Side-Impact Crashes and Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, can cause immediate symptoms to victims who sustain open or closed head wounds. Suffering injury to the brain can cause lasting impairment. While victims of repeat head injuries are at the greatest risk, the lasting damage of traumatic brain injury can include cognitive impairment and elevated chances of developing dementia. ...

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Oklahoma City Drivers Face Drowsy Driving Risks

Truck drivers in Tulsa, Oklahoma City and surrounding areas have limits on the number of hours that they are allowed to operate their vehicles. There are both daily and weekly limits, in order to ensure that truckers do not stay in their vehicles too long and become fatigued. A personal injury lawyer knows that a fatigued...

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