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Our Oklahoma Attorneys Remind Drivers Never to Text Behind the Wheel

As you all may have heard, Governor Fallin signed a new bill into law that will take effect November 1, 2015. While we all know that texting while driving is not safe, now you can be textingdrivingpulled over for doing so. This new law includes texting while at a stop light or stop sign, checking your emails or updating your social media. A trooper can now pull you over if he or she perceives you look distracted and they will be trained to do so as to anyone who even appears to be looking at something in the vehicle other than the road.

If you violate the law you will be looking at a $100.00 fine. Keep in mind it will be the officer's word against yours because the new law does NOT allow them to search your phone at the side of the road.

It is NOT illegal to talk on your cell phone.

Given the business we are in, representing injured individuals that have been in car accidents, ALL of you need to make sure you never text do this while in your car.

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