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Dog Bites Demand Strong Legal Action

You have rights. We can fight for them. Contact Lawter & Associates

Dog bites often happen when we least expect them. That's what makes these particular personal injury accidents so unsettling. If you or a loved one has been bitten or attacked by a dog in Oklahoma, contact our law firm and discover what we can do for you.

Lawter & Associates, PLLC, has more than 40 years of experience handling serious dog bite injuries in Oklahoma. We know what evidence to look for and how to build a strong case for dog bite injury victims. That's why our attorneys want to help you every step of the way after your injury.

What are common dangerous dog breeds in Oklahoma?

Any dog has the potential to be dangerous and bite someone, but some dog breeds have a reputation for being more dangerous than others. Some of the most dangerous breeds are:

  • Pit Bulls
  • Rottweilers
  • German Shepherds
  • Huskies
  • Malamutes
  • Doberman Pinschers
  • Chow Chows
  • Great Danes
  • Saint Bernards

Dogs bite millions of people each year nationwide, many of whom require medical treatment. Don't become another statistic. Protect your rights. Contact us.

What should I do if I'm a victim of a dog attack in Oklahoma?

We strongly urge victims of dog attacks to take the following steps to protect their health and their rights:

  • Seek immediate medical attention.
  • Contact the local animal control agency or the police.
  • If anyone witnessed your dog attack, get his or her full name, address and phone number.
  • Take photographs of the dog if possible.
  • Write down the exact time and location of your dog attack.
  • Schedule a follow-up appointment with your doctor.
  • Contact an experienced Oklahoma dog bite lawyer who can explain the legal options available to you.

Why should I hire Lawter & Associates?

Case results matter - and so do you. That's why we don't take a one-size-fits-all approach toward legal cases. We take the time to learn about your case and develop a strategy that suits your specific legal needs.

Make your case count. Contact us. Call (866) 584-1027 for our Oklahoma City office or (866) 584-1028 for our Tulsa office and schedule a free case evaluation. Best of all, you only pay fees if you win. That's because we work on a contingency fee basis. It's that simple.

Frequently asked questions about dog bites in Oklahoma:

Does Oklahoma have a "one free bite rule" or hold dog owners to strict liability?

While some states do not hold a dog owner liable until after a dog has shown a propensity for vicious behavior, Oklahoma does not follow the "one free bite rule."  Oklahoma dog bite law upholds strict liability, meaning the owner is responsible for any injury the animal causes, regardless of whether the dog has previously shown aggression.

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Does a "Beware of Dog" sign negate the owner's liability?

While posting a sign does alert visitors to the presence of the dog, it does not relieve the dog's owner of all responsibility.  The specific circumstances of the attack determine liability.

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Who investigates dog bites in Oklahoma?

In most cases, the police will investigate your dog bite. Insurance companies representing the person who owns the dog also often get involved quickly in your investigation. Typically, the dog owner's homeowner insurance will cover a dog bite injury.

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Should I answer questions if an insurance company contacts me after my dog bite?

No, you may torpedo your claim if you talk about your case with the insurance company for the at-fault party. It's best not to answer questions from an insurance adjuster. Refer them to an attorney.

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Who will compensate me for my dog bite?

In most cases, the insurance company for the dog owner will compensate injury victims. An experienced attorney can negotiate on your behalf to maximize your claim.

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Should I accept a financial offer for my dog bite?

Speak with an attorney about any offer you might receive. An experienced lawyer can evaluate your claim and discuss whether it's in your best interest to accept the offer. In many cases, insurance companies make initial low-ball offers. Through negotiations, an accomplished attorney can help you maximize your compensation.

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Can I negotiate for more money for my dog bite?

Yes. Insurance companies don't want people to know that they can ask for more money than the initial offer for their dog bite. Injury victims can - and should - negotiate for more money. That's why you need an experienced attorney on your side who understands the system and knows how to get results.

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Can I file a dog bite lawsuit in Oklahoma?

Yes. Sometimes, the best way to be fairly compensated for a dog bite is to file a lawsuit. Most cases do settle, but sometimes aggressive litigation is necessary. Knowing if this is the right route to take can be a challenge. That's why it's important to contact and attorney who can meet with you and discuss all the legal options available to you.

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Why should I hire Lawter & Associates to handle my dog bite?

There are so many reasons why you should hire an Oklahoma dog bite attorney. Ultimately, though, results are what matters most. In case after case, we have consistently obtained sizable settlements and verdicts for victims of dog attacks.

What's the secret to our success? Hard work, personalized attention and a comprehensive understanding of Oklahoma's complicated dog bite laws. Don't take chances with your future. Take action. Contact us.

We're ready and eager to work with you. Contact Lawter & Associates, PLLC, and discover what we can do for you. Call (866) 584-1027 for our Oklahoma City office or (866) 584-1028 for our Tulsa office and schedule a free case evaluation.

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