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Injured in an Oklahoma City Motorcycle Accident?

Our motorcycle accident attorneys will handle your claim, demand compensation

When the weather is nice, there is nothing Oklahoma City motorcyclists enjoy more than the freedom of the open road. Most drivers safely share Routes 77 and 62 with motorcyclists, but not all motorists respect the rules of the road. The result - serious motorcycle crashes due to driver negligence.

Fortunately, you’re not alone. Our knowledgeable legal team at Lawter & Associates, PLLC can demand the compensation you deserve. Our Oklahoma City motorcycle accident lawyers know what to do because we have more than 40 years of legal knowledge and experience handling cases involving injuries to motorcyclists in Oklahoma City. We’re ready to handle your claim.

Types of crashes

Collisions caused by other drivers involving motorcyclists in Oklahoma City cover a wide range. Some of the most common – and most serious – crashes include:

  • Rear-end accidents: At a traffic light, stop sign or traffic jam, some drivers fail to stop. Distracted driving, speeding, impaired driving and other forms of negligence often result in rear-end collisions with motorcyclists. Motorcyclists can also be injured when a passenger vehicle makes a sudden stop.
  • Head-on collisions: These accidents are rare, but when they happen, they are catastrophic. Motorcyclists involved in head-on collisions often sustain serious and life-threatening injuries. Fatalities also often occur.
  • Side-impact accidents: When drivers fail to stop at traffic lights or stop signs, side-impact (or broadside) accidents can occur. These accidents can also happen when a motorcyclist makes a left turn at an intersection.
  • Dooring accidents: Busy city streets and narrow residential passages with on-street parking are prone to dooring accidents. Once a driver or passenger opens a car door without regard for oncoming traffic, a motorcyclist has little time to avoid a crash.
  • Lane departure accidents: These collisions often happen on multi-lane roadways such as Interstates 40 and 44. Distracted driving, impaired driving, inclement weather and vehicle defects can cause drivers to veer out of their lanes, possibly sideswiping nearby motorcyclists.

We understand the pain and suffering a crash can cause Oklahoma City motorcyclists and their families. Contact us today and find out what we can do for you. We're here for you every step of the way.

Why accidents happen

Motorcycle accidents are almost always caused by driver negligence. Some motorists fail to show any regard for motorcyclists. Other drivers simply don't see them. More specifically, crashes often occur due to:

  • Distracted driving: Accidents caused by drivers who take their eyes off the road, hands off the wheel and attention away from driving are growing at an alarming rate. Handheld devices and built-in infotainment systems are often associated with crashes caused by distracted drivers. Because motorcycles are much smaller than cars and trucks, they are frequently overlooked by distracted drivers.
  • Impaired driving: Drunk drivers often cause motorcycle accidents in Oklahoma City. Unfortunately, drugged driving is on the rise in Oklahoma as well, resulting in a staggering number of crashes. These drivers often have slow response times and poor judgment, making it difficult for impaired drivers to avoid accidents.
  • Speeding and reckless driving: Some motorists become over confident of their driving skills. They think it's safe to speed or make risky maneuvers. It only takes one wrong move to cause a high speed accident involving a motorcyclist. And due to the impact caused by speeders, motorcyclists often sustain severe and life-threatening injuries.
  • Road defects: It is the responsibility of local municipalities to maintain the roads and make sure they are safe to ride on. Motorcycles are particularly sensitive to road defects because of their smaller size. Potholes, ditches, road debris and other hazards can put motorcyclists in danger.
  • Mechanical defects: Properly functioning brakes, tires, wheels and steering columns are crucial to the safety of motorcyclists. This also applies to passenger vehicles, as a defect can result in a crash with a motorcyclist. In many cases, the vehicle or motorcycle manufacturer can be held liable for collisions caused by mechanical defects.
  • Inclement weather: Dangerous weather can strike unexpectedly in Oklahoma City, especially during its infamous tornado season. Heavy rain and high winds can make it impossible for motorcyclists to safely navigate roads. Passenger vehicle drivers who fail to practice caution during inclement weather can put motorcyclists in danger.

Oklahoma City Motorcycle Accidents infographic

Click here to download a printable version.

Who will pay for my injury expenses?

If someone else caused your motorcycle crash, you should not have to pay for your injury-related expenses. Instead, the at-fault party should be liable and held responsible for paying for all your crash-related expenses.

Often, it’s the at-fault driver’s insurance company who pays your damages, a legal term for financial compensation for your expenses. In addition, you may be able to obtain compensation from other sources, provided you and your lawyer can produce evidence that they were at fault and responsible or your crash.

The bottom line is you should not have to pay for someone’s else’s mistakes. If someone caused your motorcycle crash, they or their insurance company should be the ones paying your medical bills and other crash-related expenses.

Should I file a lawsuit or an injury claim?

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle crash in Oklahoma City caused by another driver, you often have two main options for obtaining the financial compensation you deserve for your expenses. You can:

  • File an injury claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company.
  • File a lawsuit against the driver or the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

Each case is different, but many people and their attorney choose to file a claim first. However, sometimes, insurance companies refuse to negotiate in good faith. Instead, they might make a lowball settlement offer that doesn’t even come close to covering your motorcycle injury expenses. Or the at-fault driver’s insurance company might try to deny your claim altogether.

When this happens, filing a lawsuit against the driver or their insurance company may be the best way to demand the money you deserve for medical bills, replacement income and other injury-related expenses. Either way, it’s important to discuss your options with a lawyer who can help you decide which approach makes the most sense for you.

Why trust us?

Our lawyers know the dangers motorcyclists face every day in Oklahoma City. Without the protection of car frames, seat belts and airbags, motorcyclists often sustain devastating injuries that can impact them for the rest of their lives. Common injuries sustained by motorcyclists include:

  • Spine injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Head injuries
  • Road rash
  • Organ damage
  • Cuts, bruises and contusions
  • Severed limbs
  • Paralysis
  • Death

Many injuries take months or even years to recover from, and many are permanent in nature. You could be out of work for an extended period, forced to undergo lengthy and expensive medical treatment. As the bills pile up, you can't count on the negligent driver's insurance company to compensate you for your losses. Instead, they often go to great lengths to reduce or deny your claim.

Insurance companies often take advantage of the biases against motorcyclists. They might claim that you were riding recklessly. They might even pin the blame on you. We know the truth. We know that most motorcyclists are responsible riders. And as your attorney, we will work tirelessly to prove you did nothing wrong.

Worried about the cost of an attorney? Worry no more. Our Oklahoma City motorcycle accident lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, which means that you won't owe us anything unless we win. Don't hesitate to contact us for a free case evaluation. You can also call our Oklahoma City office at 866-584-1027.

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