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Are Lyft and Uber cars safe?

Oklahoma auto accident attorneyYou may have used a ridesharing service in Oklahoma City or Tulsa. It’s convenient: You simply contact an Uber or Lyft driver through an app on your phone and you’re on your way to your destination. But how safe are these services?

It turns out, users of Lyft and Uber have a good chance of getting into a car that has an open safety recall and facing the risk of a car accident. After a comprehensive investigation, Consumer Reports concluded that about one in six ride-sharing vehicles registered in the New York City and Seattle area carry unaddressed safety defects. A Consumer Reports safety policy advocate even says Uber and Lyft are “jeopardizing” the trust of their customers.

Some of the private cars operating with the Uber or Lyft logo include cars with the following safety issues:

  • Potentially deadly Takata airbags that could injure or kill people riding in the front seat
  • Engines that could catch fire or lose power
  • Multiple open safety recalls on some cars

While it’s not clear whether anyone has been hurt or died as a result of defects involving the cars, Consumer Reports found that Uber and Lyft have taken only small steps to get their drivers to address the recalls.

What users of ride-sharing services can do to reduce risk

People who choose to use ride-sharing services can download the myCarfax app. When they hail a ride, they will get the car's license plate number, which they can enter into the app and determine if there are any open safety recalls.

In a separate article, Consumer Reports examined the risks of using rentable e-scooters. They determined that at least eight people have died since the fall of 2017. Many riders are not clear on which traffic laws they should follow. Some riders will take them on the sidewalks when the law states they should be on the road but riding them on the road can be dangerous. Part of the problem is that roads and sidewalks are not designed for the scooters.

What to do if injured in an accident

Getting into an accident while using Lyft, Uber or an e-scooter can lead to a complicated injury or wrongful death claim. Many different parties can be potentially responsible: the driver, the ride-sharing service, the car manufacturer, the company that rented the e-scooter, another driver involved in the accident.  Each of these entities might point their finger at someone else. They might try to convince you that the claim is not worth your trouble.

An injury can have a serious, long-term impact. The loss of a loved one can turn your life upside-down. That’s why you need a strong advocate for protecting your rights if you were injured or have lost a loved one. We know how to identify the responsible parties and hold them accountable. That way, you will get the compensation you deserve for your losses. Contact an experienced personal injury and wrongful death attorney at Lawter & Associates, PLLC, for a free consultation.

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