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Rear-View Cameras May Reduce Oklahoma City Crashes

Oklahoma auto accident attorneyBack-over accidents occur when a driver pulls out before looking to see what is behind the vehicle.

A personal injury lawyer knows back-over accidents are extremely dangerous, and children are often the victims of these crashes. Rear-view cameras can make a substantial difference in reducing the risk that a back-over collision will occur.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has mandated all vehicles be equipped with rear-camera systems to reduce the chances of a back-over collision. However, this mandate does not go into effect until 2016. Until all vehicles are required to have back-over cameras installed, motorists need to ensure that they are making smart and careful choices when shopping for a vehicle. It may be advisable to choose to purchase a vehicle with a back-over camera or to have an after-market system installed in order to reduce the risk of a problem occurring.

 Rear View Cameras Can Substantially Reduce the Risk of Collisions

Rear view cameras can make a huge difference in terms of improving visibility of vehicles. According to the Auto Channel, a recent study conducted by AAA shows that rear-view cameras are able to improve visibility in the rear of a vehicle by 46 percent on average. For some vehicles, there was even greater improvement. For example, with hatchback vehicles, having a rear-view camera in place could reduce the risk of a collision by as much as 75 percent. For smaller sedans, which generally have better visibility, having a rear-view camera systems installed improved visibility in the back of the vehicle by as much as 36 percent.

AAA tested 17 different vehicles made by 11 different manufacturers. Some of the vehicles had factory-installed systems and others had aftermarket rear-view camera systems. In all cases, the biggest improvement in the visibility of the vehicles occurred in the 10 feet immediately behind the vehicle. This is the area that tends to be the most dangerous for young children.

Reducing the chances of a back-over crash can unquestionably save lives. According to Kids and Cars, there are at least 50 children backed over by vehicles every single week in the U.S. In around 48 instances of back-over accidents, children visit hospital emergency rooms to seek treatment. Tragically, at least two children lose their lives in back-over accidents every week.

More than 60 percent of the back-over incidents involve a larger-size vehicle, such as a truck, a van or an SUV. These vehicles may be helped the most by the installation of a rear view camera system to reduce the blind spot behind the vehicle.

In around 70 percent of the back-over accidents in which children are hurt, it is actually a parent or a close relative who is doing the driving at the time of the collision.

Installing a rear-view camera may be one of the best things parents can do to improve the safety of their home environment for their kids.
AAA cautions rear view cameras are not always 100 percent effective, and drivers should still walk behind their vehicles to look for objects before getting in the car. Still, having a rear view camera can make a huge difference when it comes to preventing deadly collisions.

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