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Oklahoma's Most Dangerous Highway: U.S. 69

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Why do so many car accidents happen on this Oklahoma highway?

The most dangerous highway in Oklahoma is US Route 69, according to a recent nationwide study conducted by Car Insurance Comparison, which ranked the most dangerous highways in every state nationwide.

"While drivers should always be alert when they get behind the wheel, certain areas present greater danger. Each state has its fair share of deadly roadways, from interstates stretching the entire country to small highways under 100 miles," the Car Insurance Comparison study states.

US Route 69 is the most dangerous highway in the state

The Car Insurance Comparison study ranked US Route 69 in Oklahoma as the most dangerous highway in the state based on several criteria. First, the highway had the highest number of average roadway fatalities per year compared to other highways in Oklahoma. Based on car accident data compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in 2019 and 2020, a total of 15 people die each year in motor vehicle accidents on Oklahoma Route 69.

What makes a highway dangerous?

The Car Insurance Comparison study identified several common factors contributing to the danger level of highways across states, including:

Outdated infrastructure

Highways with outdated infrastructure, such as potholes, confusing signage, and inadequate guardrails, pose significant risks to motorists.

Heavy traffic

High traffic volume on highways increases the likelihood of accidents due to reckless driving behaviors and the presence of more aggressive drivers.

Extreme weather

Regions experiencing severe weather conditions, such as snowstorms or ice storms, amplify the risk of accidents on highways, making them more hazardous to navigate.

Hazardous road conditions

Highways with hazardous road conditions, such as sharp turns, steep drop-offs, mountainous terrain, and high winds, present additional challenges for drivers, increasing the potential for accidents.

Other dangerous highways in Oklahoma

While more fatal car accidents happen on average on US Route 69 in Oklahoma, it's not the only dangerous highway in the state. Another traffic safety study conducted by ValuePenguin identified the 100 most dangerous highways in the country. Other dangerous highways in Oklahoma included on this list are:

  • Interstate 40 in Oklahoma, particularly in Canadian County, OK. A total of 139 people died in car accidents on this stretch of highway between 2015 and 2019.
  • Interstate 44 in Oklahoma, particularly in Oklahoma County, OK. A total of 115 people died in fatal car accidents during the same period.

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