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Motorcycle Wrecks in Oklahoma City Are Often Serious

A motorcycle helmet in the dirt with a knocked over motorbike and pickup truck in the background.

Motorcycle accident lawyers discuss the dangers riders face every day

Another recent, serious motorcycle accident in Oklahoma City – which resulted in two serious injuries – illustrates just how dangerous Oklahoma’s largest city can be for motorcyclists and why it’s important for drivers to always share the road.

The crash happened shortly before midnight on NW Expressway near Council in Oklahoma City, according to Oklahoma News 4. According to police who responded to the crash, a car pulled out of a parking lot in front of a motorcyclist, resulting in a collision. Two people riding on the motorcycle were taken to an area hospital for emergency medical care, according to Oklahoma News 4.

This is the second motorcycle wreck in less than a month on the same road in Oklahoma City. Earlier last month, two people riding on a motorcycle near the intersection of NW Expressway and County Line Road in Oklahoma City sustained serious injuries in a crash, according to Oklahoma News 4. That crash happened when a truck making a turn struck the bike, which caught fire. Both injury victims were rushed to the hospital and listed in critical condition.

How common are motorcycle wrecks in Oklahoma City?

Motorcycle accidents remain a serious problem in Oklahoma City and statewide. On average, 17 people die each year in motorcycle accidents in Oklahoma County, where Oklahoma City is located. Such figures are based on motorcycle accident fatalities for the past five years, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Compared to statewide statistics, that’s more than one in five (20.2 percent) of all motorcycle accident fatalities in Oklahoma. Overall, there are 83.8 motorcycle accident fatalities every year in Oklahoma, according to the NHTSA.

Why do motorcycle accidents happen in Oklahoma City?

Motorcycle wrecks often occur because another driver behaved in a reckless or negligent manner. Common causes include:

  • Distracted drivers, including texting drivers.
  • Speeding drivers who don’t have time to stop and avoid crashing into a motorcycle.
  • Drivers who turn at intersections without looking for motorcyclists.
  • Drunk drivers or drivers under the influence of drugs.
  • Tired drivers who fall asleep at the wheel, especially in cases involving head-on motorcycle accidents.

Whatever the circumstances of your wreck, make sure you fully understand your legal rights if you were injured in a crash that was not your fault. Make sure you talk to an attorney right away to get a clear understanding of your legal options.

Talk to a motorcycle accident attorney today

Don’t underestimate the severity of your motorcycle injuries. And don’t be surprised if the at-fault driver blames you for causing your collision. This often occurs in crashes involving a motorcyclist and another vehicle. Drivers and insurance companies like to blame the biker, even if the motorcyclist did nothing wrong.

When this happens, you need an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer from Lawter & Associates, Attorneys At Law, PLLC on your side to guide you, every step of the way. We have years of experience investigating serious crashes and know how to build strong cases that get results. That’s why we have such a strong track record of success in Oklahoma.

Discover what our law firm can do for you and contact us today to schedule a free case evaluation. We have offices in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

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