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Recovery Can Be Long After Oklahoma City Motorcycle Accidents

Oklahoma motorcycle accident attorneyThe consequences of a motorcycle crash can be life-changing. Just recently, News-Star reported on a 56-year-old man whose motorcycle was involved in a collision.  The incident occurred on State Highway 270 when he was riding his Yamaha motorcycle in an eastbound direction. The motorcyclist entered into a curve just as a 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe was going west. The Tahoe entered the eastbound lane and the vehicle hit the motorcycle rider.


Being hit by the SUV resulted in serious injuries for the motorcyclist, who was transported to OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City by a Medi Flight helicopter ambulance.  He received treatment for his critical injuries before being released.

At the time when he spoke to the News-Star, he expressed his thanks to all of the people who assisted him at the crash scene and he indicated his recovery process would still be a long one. Although he was in a hospital bed at home and had been for approximately a week, he still requires at least one more surgery to recover from damages caused by the motorcycle accident.

A Motorcycle Accident Recovery Can Be A Long Process

The process of recovering from a motorcycle accident can be long and difficult because injuries are so often serious. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration warns motorcycle riders routinely suffer more serious harm in accidents than people in passenger cars do. Motorcycle riders do not get to benefit from advances in vehicle safety, like side air bags and roof reinforcement, which help to keep people in passenger cars safe.

When a motorcycle rider sustains serious injuries and has a long recovery period, as this recent victim indicates happened to him, this can place financial strain on the victim and his family. The costs of multiple surgeries and other necessary medical care can be very high. Victims often have difficulty paying these expenses, especially if they do not have health insurance or if health insurance does not cover all of their costs.

In addition to medical expenditures causing financial loss, a long recovery process can also mean the victim has to be away from work for a lengthy period of time. This can be a big problem if the victim was a family breadwinner or is dependent upon a regular paycheck to take care of themselves.

A victim can be compensated for medical expenses, lost wages, and even for non-economic damages if another driver caused the crash and if the injured person chooses to pursue a civil case. You will need to prove the other driver should be held legally liable if you wish to make a personal injury claim to recover compensation for damages after a motorcycle accident has caused you harm.

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