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Determining Who is to Blame in Oklahoma City Rear-End Collisions

Oklahoma auto accident attorneyInvestigating an accident in Tulsa, Oklahoma City and surrounding areas is important because it is necessary to determine which motorist(s) made careless or unsafe decisions and caused the crash. The driver responsible for taking risks or violating the rules of the road is responsible for losses from the accident.

An experienced rear-end accident lawyer knows that in collisions where one vehicle struck the other car's rear bumper, the driver in the back car is almost always considered to be responsible for causing the collision. This is because that driver was expected to leave enough space between his car and the vehicle in front to prevent a rear-end collision from happening. While this is not always the case and sometimes a front driver shares blame, most rear-end accidents are pretty straight-forward to investigate.

In multiple vehicle rear-end crashes, however, things can become more complicated. These types of chain reaction crashes involve three or more cars that collide. This may happen because a driver is hit from behind and pushed into a front car, or because two drivers collide and the driver behind them can't stop in time to prevent hitting the rear of the middle car. There are many other possible scenarios for how these kinds of accidents happen and it is important to determine exactly what occurred and who should be held accountable.

Investigations of Chain Reaction Accidents

USA Today reports that multi-vehicle crashes are almost always among the most complex types of accidents to analyze. The more cars involved, the more difficult it is to determine what happened. Between Thanksgiving and March of last year, for example,  there were a total of 54 multi-vehicle pileups throughout the country that involved 10 or more vehicles. Some of these pileups actually involved multiple accidents in the same area. These types of large-scale crashes typically have a bad-weather component, with poor road and visibility conditions making it difficult for drivers to see other vehicles and to stop in time to avoid other cars that have been involved in the pileup.

Whether the collision was a massive chain reaction crash on a road due to bad weather or was a rear-end collision where multiple cars in a line hit each other, there are ways to uncover what happened. According to USA Today, there are trained accident reconstruction specialists and law enforcement officers who are specially certified in investigating crashes involving multiple vehicles. These specialists travel around the country when complicated multi-car accidents happen in order to get to the bottom of who may be to blame for a particular incident. Even in extremely complicated cases, trained professionals are usually able to unravel what happened to determine culpability.

When you are injured in a rear-end accident and want to prove that another driver was the cause, you may need to find experts who can testify to what occurred. An attorney with experience in these types of cases can find the expert witnesses you need to make your case.

An attorney at Lawter & Associates, Attorneys at Law, PLLC can help after a motor vehicle accident. Call 866-584-1027 or 866-584-1028 for a free case evaluation. Serving Tulsa, Oklahoma City and surrounding areas. 

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