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Increase in Opioid Use Among Truckers Increasing Accident Risks in Oklahoma City

Several major trucking companies have come together to ask the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to change the rules for how truck drivers are drug tested. According to, companies want a better and more reliable method of testing so they can more easily identify truckers who could have a substance abuse problem that could cause...

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Victims Rights After Highway Truck Accidents in Oklahoma City

News Channel 4 reported recently on an Oklahoma truck accident that occurred in the southbound lanes of Interstate 35 and Highway 9. The incident was a multi-vehicle crash involving at least two trucks, including a U-haul truck and a semi-truck. Multiple vehicles in this Oklahoma highway accident caught fire as a result of the impact of...

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Workers’ compensation claims rose in 2015

The number of reported job-related injuries and illnesses in Oklahoma rose sharply in 2015, the second year of the state's implementation of a new administrative system for handling workers' compensation claims. According to a report from the Oklahoma Workers' Compensation Commission, there were 6,331 claims filed by employees for injury or illness last year. That's...

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Keeping Oklahoma City Kids Safe from Pedestrian Car Accidents

Pedestrians are particularly at risk in car accidents because they have nothing to protect them from impact when a car strikes them. While every pedestrian could potentially be injured or even killed when involved in an accident, there are certain demographic groups whose risks are elevated. These include children and the elderly. Just recently, KOCO Oklahoma...

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