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Keeping Oklahoma City Kids Safe from Pedestrian Car Accidents

Pedestrians are particularly at risk in car accidents because they have nothing to protect them from impact when a car strikes them. While every pedestrian could potentially be injured or even killed when involved in an accident, there are certain demographic groups whose risks are elevated. These include children and the elderly. Just recently, KOCO Oklahoma…

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Recovery Can Be Long After Oklahoma City Motorcycle Accidents

The consequences of a motorcycle crash can be life-changing. Just recently, News-Star reported on a 56-year-old man whose motorcycle was involved in a collision.  The incident occurred on State Highway 270 when he was riding his Yamaha motorcycle in an eastbound direction. The motorcyclist entered into a curve just as a 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe was going…

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Oklahoma Families Can Be Devastated By the Cost of Car Accidents

Car accident costs can be devastating. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports the total cost of losses from motor vehicle accidents over the course of 2013 exceeded $277 billion. Costs can include loss of wages and lost productivity, but also actual tangible monetary costs like medical bills and funerals for people who do not survive…

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Oklahoma City Side-Impact Crashes and Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, can cause immediate symptoms to victims who sustain open or closed head wounds. Suffering injury to the brain can cause lasting impairment. While victims of repeat head injuries are at the greatest risk, the lasting damage of traumatic brain injury can include cognitive impairment and elevated chances of developing dementia. …

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Causes of Wrong Way Accidents in Oklahoma City

A driver fleeing from police in Oklahoma City turned the wrong way onto I-35 recently, causing a head-on crash to occur and killing the driver. According to KFOR, police did not pursue the man once he had turned the wrong direction down the highway because the risk of head-on collisions is too great for anyone…

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