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Prevent Oklahoma City Halloween Traffic Crashes

Halloween is a popular holiday with almost all children. Almost 90 percent of parents responding to a survey on attitudes about Halloween said their kids would be taking part in the holiday. Trick-or-treating is the most popular way for kids to celebrate, with 73 percent of parents indicating their children would be going door-to-door for candy…

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How to Report Your Car Accident in Oklahoma City

The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety has a form available called a “Collision Report.” This collision report should be completed and mailed to the Department of Public Safety. The address, which is a PO Box in Oklahoma City, is provided on the top of the form. The collision report requests details including information about each…

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T-Bone Accident Prevention for Oklahoma City Drivers

When you are in an intersection and another driver comes from a cross street, the other motorist can strike the side of your vehicle and cause a T-Bone accident. The vehicle will intrude on your car, putting yourself and your passengers at risk. Side panels provide little protection. An experienced T-Bone accident lawyer knows head…

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Side Guards Prevent Oklahoma City Pedestrian Deaths

On college campuses and in cities throughout the United States, new regulations are aimed at preventing pedestrian and bicycle collisions involving trucks. Truck crashes are among the most deadly for bike riders and walkers, especially if the bicyclist or pedestrian becomes trapped underneath a truck.  While some locations and institutions move forward to avoid one…

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